Industrial Advisory Council 2018–19

The Industrial Advisory Council (IAC) is made up of leading alumni/alumnae from Purdue’s School of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The IAC reviews and addresses issues related to the mission and the vision of our school and serves as a link between our school and industry and government. The IAC meets twice a year, in the fall and spring. The current members of our IAC are listed below. We are extremely grateful for the efforts of our IAC members in helping our school move forward.

Bradley D. Belcher (BSAAE '82)
Program Director
U.S. Civil R&T Funded Programs
Rolls-Royce Corporation
Bradley Duane Belcher
Andrea M. Chavez (BSAAE '88)
National Defense
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation
Andrea Chavez
Dr. Emmanuel G. Collins (MSME '82, PhDAAE '87)
J.B. School of Engineering
University of Louisville
Emmanuel Collins
Michael J. Corso (BSAAE '71)
Department Chair
Tort and Insurance Litigation Department
Henderson, Franklin, Starnes & Holt, PA
Michael Corso
Ben Diachun (BSME)
Ben Daichun

Mike Dreessen (BSAAE '83)
Executive Director, Engineering
Missile Defense & Space Systems
General Atomics, Electromagnetics Systems Group

Mike Dreessen
Lee Favour
(BSAAE '84)

Chief engineer
Weights, Loads & Dynamics
Dr. Markus B. Heinimann
(BSAAE '92, MSAAE '94, PhD '97)

Vice President
Engineered Product and Process Technology
Markus Heinimann
Dr. Raymond Kamin (MSAAE '89, PhD '93)
Senior Director
Advanced Technology Center
Rockwell Collins
Raymong Kamin
Stephen Kress (BSAAE '75)
Chief Engineer
IAMD Programs
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Stephen Kress
Thomas Maxwell (BSAAE '69)
General Manager, Retired
GE Aircraft Engines
Tom Maxwell Pic
Dr. Anna-Maria Rivas McGowan (BSAAE '92)
Senior Engineer for Complex Systems Design
Agency Technical Fellow
NASA Langley Research Center
Anna-Maria McGowan
David McGrath (BSAAE '83, 'MSAAE 84)
Director, Advanced Technology
Missile Defense and Controls
Northrop Grumman
Dave McGrath Pic
Leon McKinney (BSAAE '81, MSAAE '82)
McKinney Associates
Leon McKinney
Beth Moses (BSAAE '92, MSAAE '94)
Chief Astronaut Trainer
Virgin Galactic
Beth Moses
Terrence Murphy (BSAAE '80)
Vice President and CEO
Hammond Group
Terrance Murphy
Kevin Parsons (BSAAE '96)
Director, Innovation & Transformation
Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems
Col. Gary E. Payton (MSAAE '72)
Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Erdle Chair
Engineering Sciences
U.S. Air Force Academy
Gary Payton
Erika J. Pearson (BSAAE '93)
Business Director/Deputy VP
Leasing & Asset Management
Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Erika Pearson
Dr. Jordi Puig-Suari (BSAAE '88, MSAAE '90, PhD '93)
Aerospace Engineering Department
California Polytechnic State University
Jordi Puig-Suari
Richard Raiford (BSAAE '80)
Director, Global Strategy and Relations
Northrop Grumman Technology Services
Richard Raiford
James P. Renna (BSAAE '86, MBA '91)
Chief Engineer, Commercial Programs
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
James Renna
Tamaira Ross (BSAAE '96, MSAAE '98)
Configuration Design Engineer
Blue Origin
Tamaira Ross
Charles Robert Saff (BSAAE '71)
Technical Fellow, Retired
Structures Technology
Boeing Research and Technology
Robert Saff
Dr. Robert L. Strickler
(BSAE '60, MSE Sc. '62, PhDME '68)

Private Consultant
Vice President, Retired
Robert Strickler
William "Ted" Torgerson (BSAAE '83)
T—X Program Manager
Boeing Defense, Space, & Security
Ted Torgerson
John J. Walsh (BSAAE '82)
Vice President
Secure Technology Group
John Walsh
Rhonda Walthall (BSAAE '86)
Technical Fellow, Prognostics and Health Management
UTC Aerospace Systems
Rhonda Walthall
Glenn Weissinger (BSAAE '77, MSIA '78)
Vice President, Retired
Strategic Planning
Lockheed Martin
Glenn Weissinger