Student Theses

PhD Thesis Supervision Completed:
Name Date Thesis Title
SungGeun Kim Dec. 2013 Electron Scattering in Quasi-one Dimensional Nanoscale Transistors [defense]
Ganesh Hegde Dec. 2013 Modeling the atomic and electronic structure of Meta-Metal, Metal-Semiconductor and III-V/Oxide interfaces [defense] [thesis]
Sunhee Lee Nov. 2011 Development of a Massively Parallel Nanoelectronic Modeling Tool and its Application to Quantum Computing Devices [defense] [thesis]
Abhijeet Paul Oct. 2011 Computational modeling and simulation study of electronic and thermal properties of semiconductor nanostructures [defense] [thesis]
Hoon Ryu Aug 2011 Electronic Structure and Quantum Transport in Controlled Impurity Systems
Amritanshu Palaria Dec 2010 Multi-Scale Predictive Modeling of Nano-Material and Realistic Devices [defense] [thesis]
Samarth Agarwal Dec 2010 Design Guidelines for High Efficiency Photovoltaics and Low Power Transistors using Quantum Transport [defense] [thesis]
Muhammad Usman Aug 2010 Multi-million Atom Electronic Structure Calculations for Quantum Dots [defense] [thesis]
Neerav Kharche Jan 2010 Atomistic Modeling of Electronic Strucutre and Transport in Disordered Nanostructures [defense] [thesis]
Rajib Rahman March 2009 Stark Tuning of the Electronic Porperties of Impurities for Quantum Computing Applications [defense] [thesis]
Neophytos Neophytou Aug 2008 Quantum and Atomistic Effects in Nanoelectronic Transport Devices [defense] [thesis]
Ahmed Ali Yannik Aug 2007 Spin Dependent Electron Transport in Nanostructures [defense] [thesis]
Anisur Rahman Aug 2005 Exploring New Channel Materials for Nanoscale CMOS Devices: A Simulation Approach [defense] [thesis]
Master's Thesis Supervision Completed:
Name Date Thesis Title
Arun Goud Akkala Dec 2011 NEGF Simulation of Electron Trnaport in Resonant Tunneling and Resonant Interband Tunneling Diodes [defense] [thesis]
Woo-Suhl Cho Aug 2011 Investigation of Homo-junction InGaAs Band-to-Band Tunneling Diodes [defense] [thesis]
Zhengping Jiang Apr 2011 Quantum transport in RTD and atomistic modeling of nanostructures [defense] [thesis]
Yui-Hong Matthias Tan Apr 2011 Atomistic Modeling of an experimental GaAs/InGaAs Qantum Dot Molecule using NEMO-3D [thesis]
Xufeng Wang Aug 2010 nanoMOS 4.0: A tool to explore ultimate Si Transistors and beyond [defense] [thesis]
Ganesh Hegde May 2010 Generation and Optimization of Tight Binding Parameters using Genetic Algorithms and Their Validation Using NEMO-3D [defense] [thesis]
Sung Hyon Park Dec 2009 Hyperfine Mapping of Donor Wave Function Deformations in Silicon Phosphorous Based Quantum Devices [defense] [thesis]
Alissa Nedossekina March 2009 Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Virtual Economy System Within an Advanced Scientific Cyberinfrastructure [defense] [thesis]
Kaushik Balamukundan May 2008 Carrier Transport in Ultra-Scaled Devices [thesis]