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Undergraduate Students

We're glad to have you as a part of the School of Nuclear Engineering undergraduate family! It is important for us to assist you in the purposeful creation of an educational plan that includes your curricular, co-curricular, and occupational goals. On this page you will find the academic resources you need, how to plan ahead for study abroad opportunities, and ways to get involved.

Featured Undergraduate

Impacting clean energy: undergraduate Andrew Adelsperger

For senior Andrew Adelsperger, the interest in producing and distributing energy has helped to shape his education and his future career plans. “I recognized early in my degree at Purdue University that energy generation and transmission systems are among the greatest changes that human society has implemented in the near past. They directly drive the quality of life that we now take for granted.” Andrew also recognized that fossil fuels are becoming less optimal as primary energy sources. Because wind and solar will not provide the level of reliability that society expects, Andrew knew that a degree in nuclear engineering would give him the expertise he needs to enhance the already clean and reliable energy generation of nuclear reactors.

At Purdue, Andrew’s interest in clean energy is applied in the classroom and in research. “The School of Nuclear Engineering has been resoundingly positive,” says Andrew. “Students have the chance to gain research and industry experience at any point in their education. Personally, I have been involved in undergraduate research and industrial experience through the co-op program, both of which were great motivators for my studies.”

Andrew has also been involved in the Engineering Honors Peer Mentor Program, College of Engineering Ambassadors, and in helping to restart the Nuclear Engineering Ambassador program. “In the School of Nuclear Engineering, I have been fortunate to be awarded a number of scholarships, which is another major advantage of being in a smaller school.”

Through the dedication of the School of Nuclear Engineering’s world-class faculty and the opportunity to take part in numerous research experiences, students are being prepared to become leaders in the field of nuclear engineering. As Andrew notes, “I am looking forward to making a difference in industry – thanks to what I have learned here at Purdue.”