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Nuclear Engineering Safety Program

Safety Committee

Building Emergency - Nuclear Engineering Building

Building Emergency Plan (POTR 2018)

Laboratory and Classroom Safety:

Safety Presentation Seminar by Dr. Bean, August 22,2018

Safety Presentation Seminar by Nathan Boyle, August 22,2018

College Safety Information

CoE Safety and Emergency Preparedness page

University Safety Information

Emergency Procedures Handbook from Purdue Safety & Security

Emergency Procedures Quick Reference Guide for Purdue (PDF)

Purdue Emergency Preparedness

Purdue Police Department 


The Department of  Radiological and Environmental Management (REM)serves the University community in the areas of radiation safety, hazardous materials management, industrial and life safety, chemical and laboratory safety, and health hazard evaluation.  Working as a resource to the faculty, staff and safety committees, REM is responsible for monitoring compliance with various state, federal and University regulations involving protection of individuals and property.

Integrated Safety Plan

Integrated Safety Plan - Purdue's Safety Compliance Policies and Information

Chemical Hygiene Plan - for labs where chemicals are used

CHP (PDF) - Safety Manual and Awareness Certification Form

Purdue's HazCom Written Compliance Manual (PDF) 

MSDS Information

Materials Safety Data Sheets - an online database of MSDS sheets

How to Read and MSDS (PDF)

Laser Safety Plan