Atoms at Work Summer Camp

Students Tour 5 Nuclear Facilities
More Than 10 Nuclear Related Topics Introduced

The School of Nuclear Engineering is excited to host Atoms at Work Summer Camp!

This Program is currently full for Summer 2024.

During the Atoms at Work Summer Program, rising high school seniors undergo a crash course on all things nuclear. Each day of the one-week course is a combination of interactive lectures and hands on experiments at Purdue's Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Laboratory (NERL). Summer camp leaders demonstrate concepts ranging from radiation detection to reactor physics, where students are exposed to the topics and materials they will likely study in nuclear engineering in a fun and interactive manner. The experience culminates at the end of the week with a hands-on lab, where students get to use the PUR-1 reactor for their final experiment along with a tour of a commercial nuclear power plant.

2024 Summer Camp Agenda

2024 Summer Camp Photos

"Let’s partner together to lead and educate our community in clean and reliable nuclear energy!"