Purdue University - Nuclear Engineering 

Registration Process


To help students address both their academic and their focused interests in Nuclear Engineering, they schedule registration appointments with both their academic advisor and a faculty advisor. The academic advisor will review the plan of study with the students to ensure that they meet all graduate requirements, while the faculty advisor plays an important role when it comes to selecting appropriate courses in an appropriate sequence for areas of interest to the students, ensure relevance to the career planned by students after graduation, and provide professional guidance (e.g., internships, fellowships, graduate school, post-undergraduate employment). This is especially important because we revised curriculum to provide students with more flexibility in selecting their technical electives from courses across engineering, math, and the sciences. An important aspect of this flexibility is having guidance on how to use that flexibility, which is where a faculty advisor plays a critical role. Moreover, the nature of nuclear engineering means that many of our students are interested in pursuing graduate degrees or diverse career opportunities following graduation, providing additional importance in this meeting with a faculty advisor who can provide perspective across this range of opportunities or contacts to colleagues who can provide more specific details. 

Thus, having two advising meetings helps students simultaneously address their academic requirements and the short- and long-term interests in nuclear engineering; however, we do not anticipate having required meetings every semester. Specifically, we propose meetings the following semesters: 

  1. Spring Semester (for Fall registration): Incoming students from FYE and Sophomores (nominally students taking NUCL 298) 
  2. Fall Semester (for Spring registration): Juniors (nominally students taking 398) and Seniors (nominally students taking 498) 

For the second step, the students simply need to log in to their scheduling assistant and sign up for courses. 

Registration Process: 

Step One: Schedule and hold your meeting with your academic advisor. Academic advisor provides pin to faculty advisor. 

Step Two: Schedule and hold your meeting with your faculty advisor. Faculty advisor provides pin. 

Step Three: Use pin from your advising meetings to register for classes on the scheduling assistant.