D-8 Focus XRD (ARMS 2093)

Equipment Information


- Operational -     - Under Maintenance -     - Down -


  • Cabinet X-ray system
  • 1-D Detector
  • Phase analysis of powders and bulk materials
  • Crystallinity analysis of powders and bulk materials
  • Cu K-alpha source
  • 2-theta greater than 10º (this is not a SAXS system)

Rates and Fees*

  • Machine Rate: $26/hour
  • Staff Rate: $54/hour
  • Training Fee: $60 (one-time for ALL new users)

     * Rates listed apply to Purdue University users only

Department Contacts

  • Faculty P.O.C.:   Dr. John Blendell
  • Staff P.O.C.:  Jameson Root
  • Graduate Superuser:  n/a


Safety Information

  • This device produces ionizing radiation when powered on
  • REM requires everyone who uses an XRD to take the online X-Rays (Analytical) online training
  • Note that while this device produces ionizing radiation, it is a 'cabinet' X-ray diffractometer designed such that no radiation escapes the unit when closed and any attempt to open the cabinet during operation will set off an alarm and automatically shut off the X-ray source


Training and Lab Requirements

User Requirements

  • Valid iLab account
  • Complete the Initial Online Training for X-ray Diffraction and Crystallography, take the quiz at the end of the presentation, and email the test results to "MSE-lab-admin@ecn.purdue.edu" (this option is provided on the second page of the online quiz)
  • Subscription to the equipment listserv is required before access will be granted. Note: you will receive a confirmation email that you must read and reply to in order to complete registration
  • Training by department lab staff/superuser (request from iLab)
  • ALL of these requirements must be met before iLab permission to an instrument will be granted
  • NOTE: the A-4 form is no longer required by REM for XRD training

Specimen and Equipment Requirements

  • Do not go to 2-theta angles below 10º (this is not a SAXS system)


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