The Boilermaker Materials Trivia Quiz

Test your knowledge of the stuff the world is made of. Click a question to view the answer.

1. What are tin cans made of?
2. What does the carat value of gold tell you?
3. Why is gold jewelry golden?
4. What material is used at the highest temperature, relative to its melting point?
5. What precious metal was originally to cap the Washington monument?
6. What unusual materials property caused the sinking of the Titanic?
8. Is crystalware crystalline?
9. Why did Henry Ford offer his famous Model T in "any color you want, as long as it is black?"
10. Why is the Eiffel Tower made of wrought iron instead of steel?
11. What is the Delhi Pillar?
12. Where can you go to see a really BIG sapphire?
13. Which 20th Century world leader named himself after a material?
14. Which 20th Century US President was a metallurgist?
15. What is a nickel made of?
16. How did nickel get its name?
17. What is a US penny made of?
18. How did many a church in England get a new roof, free of charge, in the 19th Century?
19. Should you buy a car that contains no defects?
20. Venice made the recipe for one material, a state secret in the middle ages. Which one?
21. What metal cries if you bend it?
22. Who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, in 2000?
23. Where can you see the world's first iron bridge?
24. Which of the three phases (solid, liquid, or gas) is glass?
25. If nothing sticks to Teflon, how do they get it to stick to frying pans?
26. How was Teflon discovered?
27. What historical age, which marks the beginning of human civilization, is named for an alloy?
28. What is the largest, commonly encountered molecule?
29. The properties of aluminum (low density, ease of processing) are very attractive to automakers. How many pounds of aluminum, on average, are used in an automobile?
30. What household material was discovered in a scrap heap?
31. Which 20th Century Soviet leader was a metallurgist?
32. Transuranic elements have atomic numbers greater than uranium's 92, and many are named after people like Einstein, Fermi or Nobel. Only one non-transuranic element is named after a person: what is it?
33. What medieval Asian ruler's name meant "iron worker?"
34. What material was used by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, but nearly lost to civilization in the Dark Ages?