Rodney Trice

Rodney Trice

Professor Of Materials Engineering

Contact Information

Phone: +1 765 49-46405
School of Materials Engineering
Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering, Rm. 2227
701 West Stadium Avenue
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2045


  • Ph.D. (1995-1997) Materials Science and Engineering, University of Michigan
  • M.S. (1988-1989) Materials Science, University of Texas at Arlington
  • B.S. (1983-1987) Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington

Employment History

  • Professor (2013-Present), School of Materials Engineering, Purdue University
  • Associate Professor (2006-2013), School of Materials Engineering, Purdue University
  • Sabbatical Appointment (Jan. - June 2009), Sandia National Laboratories
  • Assistant Professor (2000-2006), School of Materials Engineering, Purdue University
  • Post Doctoral Research Associate (1998-2000) Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University
  • (1991-1995) Northrop Grumman
  • (1989-1991) Lockheed Martin Aerospace

Research Interests

Injection molding of ceramics (zirconium diboride, boron carbide, silicon nitride, alumina), 3D printing of ceramics, pressureless sintering of ceramic matrix composites, high emissivity coatings for hypersonic aircraft, thermal barrier coatings, suspension plasma spray, electrophoretic deposition for the production of solid oxide fuel cells, development of wear microstructures in steel, and sodium sulfate hot corrosion, effect of biofuels on gas turbines.

Research Interests and Recent Publications


  • MSE 190 Introduction to Materials Engineering
  • MSE 230 Structure and Properties of Materials
  • MSE 250 Physical Properties in Engineering Systems
  • MSE 330 Processing and Properties of Materials
  • MSE 335 Materials Characterization Lab
  • MSE 367 Materials Processing Lab
  • MSE 430-440 Materials Processing Design I and II
  • MSE 497 Ethics in Engineering Practice
  • MSE 525 Structure-Properties of Engineering Polymers
  • MSE 555 Deformation of Materials
  • MSE 697 Materials Engineering Teaching Experience

Graduate Students

Research Title: Injection Molding of Boron Carbide Parts for Ballistic Applications
Research Title: Effect of Defects on Ceramic Matrix Composite Crack Propagation and Growth
Research Title: Verification of Grain Boundary Engineered Nickel-Based Superalloys
Research Title: Use of Flow Stresses to Align Silicon Nitride Grains during Injection Molding

Former Graduate Students