Our Graduate Students

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Leidy Alzate Vargas
Heehun Bae
Xiaolong Bai
Kiettipong Banlusan
Eduardo Barocio
Abhishek Bawiskar
Anneliese Brenner
Structure-Property-Processing Relationships in High Emissivity Coatings for Hypersonic Flight
Alexandra Bruce
Eduard Caicedo - Casso
Kevin Chaput
Si Chen
Wei-Hsun Chen
Thin Film Characterization and Stress Analysis on the Formation of Whisker in Pb-Free Sn-alloy Solder and Electroplated Films
Matthew Cherukara
Nano-engineering intermolecular reactive composites
Reaz Chowdhury
John Coleman
Influence of liquid entry on aluminum direct chill casting
William Costakis
Research Title: Pressureless Sintering of Ceramic Matrix Composites
Yunze Dai
Nicholas Denardo
Jairo Diaz Amaya
Self-assembly of cellulose nanocrystals for enhanced thermal properties
Andres Diaz Cano
Injection Molding of Boron Carbide Parts for Ballistic Applications
Jonathan Dunn
Kyle Fezi
Uncertainty quantification in solidification process modeling
Kai Gao
Geoffrey Gardner
MBE Growth of GaAs Heterostructures
Siavash Ghanbari
David Guzman
Chang Wan Han
Michael Heiden
John Holaday
Xianyi Hu
Sabrina Huang
Sunghwan Hwang
Aniruddha Jana
Michael Johnston
Suryanarayana Karra
Logan Kearney
Daniel Kim
Kyungho Kim
Yaeji Kim
Thermo-mechanical properties of polymer nanocomposites
Daniel Klenosky
Matthew Krafcik
Logan Kroneman
Thin section casting of nickel superalloys
Andrew Kustas
Matthew Lancaster
Effect of Defects on Ceramic Matrix Composite Crack Propagation and Growth
Samantha Lawrence
Assessing Coupled Mechanical Behavior and Environmental Degradation at Submicron Scales
Daw Gen Lim
Keng-Hua Lin
Thermal transport at the nanoscale
Jen-Chieh Liu
Nelyan Lopez-Perez
David Lowing
Kara Luitjohan
Boron Segregation and its Effects in Boron Containing Steels
Michael Maughan
Gamini Mendis
Heather Meredith
Matthew Michie
Kyungjean Min
Raheleh Mohammadrahimi
Angel Monroy
Francisco Montes
Jesus Hector Morales Espejo
Keith Morrison
Shape Memory in Nano Engineered Materials
Lisa Murray
Muhammed Oduncu
Angel Pena
Development of Dual Emissivity Coatings for Hypersonic Flight
Shane Peng
Alexander Plotkowski
Modeling of free-floating solid in solidification processes
Pikee Priya
Modeling of homogenization heat treatment of aluminum alloys
Jorge Ramirez
Effect of Biofuels on Hot Corrosion of Gas Turbine Coatings
Sathish Kumar Ranganathan
Kathlene Reeve
Samuel Reeve
Andrew Rosenberger
John Rotella
Verification of Grain Boundary Engineered Nickel-Based Superalloys
Lisa Rueschhoff
Use of Flow Stresses to Align Silicon Nitride Grains during Injection Molding
Derek Schwanz
Shikha Shrestha
Shivi Singh
Alexandra Snyder
Jennifer Spatola
Colton Steiner
Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of Acoustic Metamaterials Using Embedded Micro-Resonators
Sean Sullivan
Yiwei Sun
Travis Thornell
Nannan Tian
Rui Tu
Aytekin Uzunoglu
Marianne Valone
Andres Villa Pulido
Ryan Wagner
Emily Walker
Anna Walter
Yuefeng Wang
Yunbo Wang
Hot tearing and cold cracking of hard aluminum alloys
Mitchell Wood
Energy transfer, localization and chemistry initiation in molecular crystals
Wei-Chang Yang
Synthesis of earth-abundant nanocrystal ink and its use for a solar cell absorber
Congwang Ye
Development of Ceramic-precursor Capsules from Monodispersed Double Emulsions
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Youngman Yoo
Mohamad Zbib
Characterization and properties of polycrystalline silicon for solar cell applications
Ruihong Zhang
Hydrothermal growth of zinc oxide thin film for electronic and optical application
Yun Zhou
Qian Zhu