GEP Course Listing - Global Design Team Project

Low-Cost Oxygen Generation Device for Patients with Respiratory Diseases


While oxygen concentrators are mobile, operating from multiple power sources and are readily available in developed world. Low resource settings pose a unique problem in the design of a concentrator that uses hybrid energy source and is at a price point that is affordable to patients in developing and underdeveloped regions.

The Purdue engineering team in partnership with Moi University and a partner hospital in Kenya wants to design a low-cost, portable oxygen concentrator. The design will pursue affordability, operation, and efficiency with a target patient group living in rural off-grid communities in Kenya. Renewable energy will be one option of powering the device.


For this project the team needs 3-4 students to work with engineering professors from ME and BME at Purdue and another group of students and professors from Kenya, Africa. The students will have opportunities to work on this project continuously from 2020 to 2021. Selected students may participate in a study abroad field trip to Kenya in 2021 (for additional cost), where they will visit the partner university to continue the collaboration with their students.

Scope of the work

Teamwork with students at Purdue, and students in the University in Kenya, to design, prototype, test, and analyze the device.

Preferred skills

Engineering design (CAD), hands-on prototyping skills, electrical control, programming and data analysis (e.g., MATLAB or Python). The candidate must have interest in design, biomedical device, and/or renewable energy.

Education background

ME, ECE, BME, or other related fields.

Time commitment

Similar to any standard 3-credit course. The student is expected to spend about 12 hours per week on teamwork, individual assignments, and meetings with professors and international collaborators.

If you are interested in this project, please fill in a short application