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Registering for EPICS

Registration for EPICS is done through myPurdue like all of your other courses with one significant difference: each division of EPICS is a different team. Unlike most courses where the labs are all the same no matter what time they are scheduled, each lab division represents a different team.

Important things to know when registering:

  • Before you register, it is important to become familiar with the EPICS teams to determine which teams best fit your interest and course of study. It is recommended that you identify at least five teams that you would like to participate on in case some of the teams do not fit in your schedule or are already full.
  • When you register for EPICS, you will need to register for both the lab portion of the class and the lecture portion of the class. The lab portion corresponds to your team, and is scheduled for two hours each week. Please note the division of the team or teams that you are most interested in as you will need to register for that specific division/team when you register for EPICS in myPurdue.
  • The lecture portion of the class is scheduled for one hour each week on Mondays at 4:30 pm. There is a second lecture division scheduled at 5:30 pm, but that is only for students who have a conflict with the Monday 4:30 pm lecture time. The 5:30 lecture division will only meet for the first week, and all remaining lectures will need to be made up by watching the taped lectures, which are available online. Students registered for the 5:30 pm lecture time will need to demonstrate a conflict with the 4:30 lecture time.
  • Once you know what teams you would like to participate on, the final step is to register for EPICS in myPurdue during your designated registration time. You will need the CRNs, one for lecture and one for the lab

How to register for EPICS using Scheduling Assistant


Fall 2018 CRN List

Summer 2018 CRN List

Team Schedules