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Awards and Recognition

The IDES and MDE community are proud of the many accomplishments of our students and esteemed Alumni.  We remain both excited and inspired by their achievements that often begin way before entering our program, and continue long after they have departed from the West Lafayette campus.

Annually we take time to formally recognize and celebrate their individual academic and service successes.  Awards are given for Outstanding Junior and Senior level academic achievement, as well as Outstanding Service to the IDES/MDE and Purdue community.  Likewise, Outstanding IDES/MDE Alumni are chosen as exemplars for leaders who have made a difference in their profession, their communities, and in their respective field.

We are also proud to acknowledge the full variety of recognition that our students receive, local, national and international. MDE is the home of Purdue’s second ever Truman Scholar (2018), as well as the 2018 Marshall Scholar!  Learn more about a wide variety of scholarships available to our talented IDES and MDE students and to connect with Purdue resources to assist in the application process.

 Click the Excellence Medallion to nominate yourself or a colleague for the next IDES/MDE Outstanding Service Award.

National and International Honorees

2018 Marshall Scholar
Abby Lemert
Press Release and Video Interview

2018 Truman Scholar
Paige Rudin
Press Release

2018 Boren Scholar
Paige Rudin
Press Release

Engineering Education School Honorees

Engineering Education Outstanding Alumni Award and Student Awards of Excellence

(formerly Outstanding Interdisciplinary Engineering Alumni Award)

Student Honorees Group Photo

2019 Honorees Left to Right: Abhipri Mishra, Sedona Carey, Zachary Kovalenko, Paige Rudin, Rachel Baker, Elena Helvajian, Alec Brooks

Year Alumni Honorees Outstanding Senior Academic Achievement Outstanding Junior Academic Achievement Outstanding IDE Service Award
2019 Celebrating all Alumni for our 50th Anniversary Elena C. Helvajian 
Abhipri Mishra
Zachary Kovalenko
Alec S. Brooks
Karuna Srivastava
Rachel A. Baker
Sadona S. Carey
2018 Russell P. Troyer Reis Lehman
Abby Lemert
Abhipri Mishra
Zachary Kovalenko
Brenna Ryan


Brian C. Bosma and Thomas A. Gray Sean Obrecht
Lucas Ray
Reis Lehman
Abby Lemert
Danielle Render
2016 Holly Simmons Sonja C. Adams
Lauren B. Denney
Sean Obrecht Alexander T. Klapka
Schyler J. Curtice
2015 Henry A. Frissora (Hank) Francis Blubaugh
Rebecca L. Kartheiser
Sonja C. Adams
Paul A. Hickner
Schuyler R. Putt
2014 Rex Carter Robert Colcord Rebecca Kartheiser Nicole Gantz
2013 Stan JonesEric J. SchmidtMichael W. Wells Chloe Morrical
Lourdes Ureña
Christopher Bosma
Trenton Marshall
2012 Leslie BottorffRick Kosdrosky Stephen Kelly
Roderick Lammers
Brett Seward
Chloe Morrical
Lourdes Ureña
Ian Boze
2011 Debra S. EchtRaymond Michael KleinRichard H. Le Sesne Torsten Schreiber Roderick Lammers
Brett Seward
Nichole Schrank
2010 Howard J. Gobstein Carmen Rodriguez Nichole Schrank Philip Zumbrun
2009 Harold M. AbermanBrian E. FarleyGary C. HorlacherRobert F. Sharpe, Jr.Mary Spiess Smith David Gordon
Jeffrey Noren
  Emily Wigley
2007   Kai Van Horn Alex Serafin
2006 Alexander Rust  
2005 Megan Boland
Matthew Janszen
Joel Virkler
2004 Jacqueline Callihan
Rozina Chowdhery
Matthew Janszen
Ty Gray
Matthew Janszen
Evan Lutkenhoff
2003 Geoffrey T. Crowley Clinton Bahler
Jacqueline Callihan
Luke Gutwein
Megan Guyer
Meghan McKenzie
Clinton Bahler
Matthew Janszen
Megan Guyer
John Parent
2002 Michael J. Cave, David R. Schwind David Niemeyer
John Parent
Graham Sadtler
Luke Gutwein
Megan Guyer
Nicholas McCarroll
2001 Paul C. Cloyd, Sue Hudson-Abreu Jordan Drazer
Stephen Harris
David Niemeyer
Megan Guyer
John Parent
Christine Lowmaster
2000   Andrea Dunn  
1999 Gregory M. Ayers