Applying to the ENE Ph.D. Program

How to Apply

To apply to be admitted into the ENE Ph.D. Program, you must go through the Purdue Graduate School application process, which is all done electronically. After reading through this information, contact our Graduate Coordinator with any additional questions.

  • Fall (August) Admission Deadline:  December 15Most common and recommended pathway into the program. 
  • Spring (January) Admission Deadline: September 15First consult with us to determine if you are a good candidate for an off-cycle application.

After you apply, you will receive email updates until a decision is made. The timing of admissions decisions varies depending on the circumstances.

If you are currently in a degree program that will not be completed at the time of application, you must supply a completion of degree certificate for that degree. Each certificate must be in the official language of the institution. If this language is not English, a certified translation must also be supplied. This certificate should be a formal letter from your University that states what degree you will be receiving and the date you will receive it. Note that you will still be obliged to submit an original document that verifies the awarding of the degree once the degree is actually awarded.

International applicants must submit original language transcripts and certified official English translations of their transcripts that are not in English, as well as proof of any degrees received. This proof can take one of two forms:

  • statement on your official transcript that states the degree awarded and the date on which it was awarded, or
  • a copy of your diploma stating the degree awarded and the date it was awarded

Application Timeline

This sample schedule of activities for Fall admission lists activities that begin in the year before actual enrollment as a PhD student.
August–November (in the year preceding enrollment):

September–November (in the year preceding enrollment): 

  • Identify three people for writing recommendation letters.
  • If you are an international applicant, take the TOEFL and have your scores submitted to Purdue University.
  • Come to our Open House. Each fall, we host an open house for prospective students to learn about our program and meet our faculty and students.
  • Identify three references and obtain their email and contact information. Supply this information during the electronic application process. More
  • Pay the application fee with a credit card. More
  • Order two official paper copies of transcripts from all institutions that you have attended. More

November (in the year preceding enrollment):

  • Initiate your application so that all components are completed by December 15.

December (in the year preceding enrollment; see glossary for more details):

  • Submit online your 300- to 500-word statement of purpose
  • Submit online a research statement
  • Submit online a copy of your curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Submit online a teaching statement
  • Ensure that all supporting materials (transcripts, reference letters, exam scores) have been received by our graduate office by December 15 if you would like to be considered for all financial aid opportunities. We will continue to accept any missing application materials through January 1. Once we have received your complete application package, you will be considered for whatever funding is available at that time.

Need more help? See our glossary for word definitions.


  • Look for emails from the Graduate Coordinator about how your file is progressing through the review process. During this period, you may also be receiving competitive offers. Take time to evaluate not only the gross monthly stipends but also the cost of living in other geographic areas.
  • Visit Purdue University


  • Accepted students should visit our community links here (City of West Lafayette) and here (Lafayette-West Lafayette Convention & Visitors Bureau) and begin making arrangements for living in West Lafayette. You will receive orientation materials over the summer.

Two weeks before the fall term begins (August):

  • Accepted students should be ready to start school (have a place to live, be in town, etc.). There will be an orientation before the first week of school.

Application FAQs

What is the cost of attending Purdue?


How is funding decided, and am I eligible?

All applicants, whether they are domestic or international, are eligible for funding. Once you submit a formal application, it will be reviewed by our graduate committee. If you satisfy the formal requirements for admission, the committee can recommend your admission. Within our program the admission decision and funding decision are separate. Not all students who are recommended for admission are offered funding. The faculty reviewers decide whether or not an applicant would be acceptable for funding and are responsible for making any offers. You may contact those faculty members that you are interested in working with to discuss options.

How can I check the status of my application?

There are two offices involved in the collection of application materials, the Graduate School and the Engineering Education Graduate Programs Office. You apply using the electronic application system through the Graduate School. The Engineering Education Graduate Office then downloads this information to our own tracking system. Once the Engineering Education Graduate Programs Office has received transcripts and an applicant file is complete, we review the file. Although the Graduate School system does have a mechanism to check the status of your application, it is not regularly updated. If you wish to check the status of your application, please send an inquiry to We send status updates when your application has moved forward in the process or if we find that you are missing information.

What is Engineering Education's minimum score requirement for the TOEFL exam?

Engineering Education applicants must have the minimum TOEFL score required by the Purdue Graduate School.  However, Engineering Education graduate work involves a great deal of reading and writing in English and applicants should be ready to demonstrate they have the English proficiency necessary to be successful.

Can any part of my application be mailed in as a paper copy?

Your statements, resume and letters of recommendation all must be submitted electronically through the online application system. The ENE Graduate Programs Office has never experienced trouble with downloading these materials; therefore there is no real benefit to mailing additional copies. If you have updates to your Statement of Purpose or resume, you can send the updated version to, and we will add it to your file.

What is the difference between "Statement of Purpose" and "Research Statement"?

The "Statement of Purpose" communicates your long-term career plans and how obtaining a PhD would support this plan. The "Research Statement" communicates your research interest and any prior research experience(s).  

Can I be admitted to a PhD program with only a BS?

This is possible. If you wish to be considered for this option, you should be very clear in your Statement of Purpose on your research and career goals relative to your Ph.D. studies.

Can I gain admission to the School of Engineering Education without an engineering background?

We have had students admitted into our graduate program whose academic background was not in engineering (e.g., physics, mathematics, sociology, education). There are no formal pre-requisites for admission; however, it is not uncommon for such students to be given a conditional admission, where the condition involves the passing of a certain number of background courses that typically do not count towards meeting degree objectives. Our review process is essentially faculty-driven, so it's a good idea to communicate with faculty in your prospective area of interest to see if your circumstances are favorable for admission. Students without engineering backgrounds should keep in mind that they will be required to take nine credits of engineering courses at the graduate level and honestly self-assess if their past educational background will support them in being successful in graduate engineering courses.

What is the expected duration of the PhD program?

An Engineering Education PhD degree requires 90 credit hours. The expected duration of the degree is unique to each student and is greatly dependent on their research focus; however, if a graduate student enrolls in 9 to 12 credits a semester, it is likely they will complete the minimum required courses within four semesters. This estimate does not include thesis or research work. The national average for a PhD degree is more than five years.

When do I need to confirm my enrollment?

We ask all admitted students to confirm they will enroll for the Fall term by July 1. It is possible to confirm enrollment later than that, but early notification helps us project class enrollment and more efficiently allocate instructional resources.

What is the mailing address for the ENE Graduate Office?

Engineering Education Graduate Programs Office
School of Engineering Education
Purdue University
ARMS 1300
701 W. Stadium Ave.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2045

Updated March 13, 2024