School of Engineering Education Seminars

The School of Engineering Education hosts a weekly seminar from 3:30 - 4:30 PM on Thursdays.  During Fall Semester 2020, all seminars will be virtual.  The tentative schedule is listed below.

These seminars provide the engineering education community a chance to get together to talk about new ideas, share successes and new research, and support developing research. This seminar is for graduate and undergraduate students, staff, and faculty from across the university who have an interest in educating engineers. Join us! 

Please contact Audeen Fentiman with any questions or to recommend future speakers.

Upcoming Events

January 21, 2021

Pioneering Engineering Education Research and Outreach

Dr. Hammond has created multiple educational softwares used in the classroom that positively impact curriculum and learning. Her Mechanix software provides feedback on students’ setup of physics problems by automatically correcting the hand-drawn diagrams of students’ homework, deepening their conceptual understanding.
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Past Events

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