MDESS Members ice skate
Photo circa 2022: MDESS officers and members attend the annual "Squirrel Skate" started by the original MDESS members.

Multidisciplinary Engineering Student Society

In the Multidisciplinary Engineering Student Society (MDESS) community, we strive to give the growing MDE/IDES student population a place to call home. We aim to provide professional networking opportunities, service opportunities, and social outreach events for our members.

The purpose of this student society is to provide a legitimate home base for students within the MDE/IDES community. We are a society that values individual involvement, and ultimately, we want to provide students an opportunity to be a part of the activities and events put on by the various committees within the society.

Anyone currently enrolled in the MDE/IDES undergraduate programs may join the organization following a submission form and payment of any dues set by the officer board. First-Year Enginering students who are undecided or already declared for MDE/IDES may also join the society.

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2022-23 Officers

President: Claudia Johnson
Treasurer: Aliyah Ahmad
Historian: Rachel Gander
Professional Development Chair: Abhilash Chandra
Design Chair: Vina Nguyen
Social Chairs:Jade Lee and Saya Ueki
Advisor: Teresa Walker, Director of Communication, School of Engineering Education

Call-Out and Semester Events

All students must register on BoilerLink to attend any event listed. 

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Historical Reference

MDESS rebooted in the 2017-18 AY from a very long hiatus. When a "new" homeroom entered the picture for MDE and IDES students, a common meeting area created the perfect opportunity for students in the program to meet and socialize. Some of the previous officers included:

MDESS Members in Flannel for Fall Picnic


President: Eric Swanson


President: Elizabeth Shu
Treasurer: Garrett Stocksdale
Social Heads: Leanna Chan, Emily Arnold
Service Head: Audrey Moeller
Professional Development Head: Keertana Chirra
Alumni Head: Canyon Ellis
Historians: Sedona Carey, Rachel Wetterlin


President: Canyon Ellis


N/A - Covid-19 Pandemic Disruption


President: Claudia Johnson
Treasurer: Lynne Kim
Historian: Rachel Gander
Professional Development Chair: Logan Noster
Alumni Liasion: Charlee Wilhelm
Social Chairs: Harry Nguyen, Spencer Hutchins