MDESS Members ice skate
Photo circa 2022: MDESS officers and members attend the annual "Squirrel Skate" started by the original MDESS members.

Multidisciplinary Engineering Student Society

MDESS―the Multidisciplinary Engineering Student Society―aims to provide a legitimate home base for students within the Multidisciplinary Engineering (MDE) and Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies (IDES) community. We are a society that values individual involvement and, ultimately, seeks to offer students professional development, mentorship, and social opportunities by hosting various events.

If you are enrolled in the MDE/IDES undergraduate programs, join us on BoilerLink to receive updates on our upcoming events. Prospective First-Year Engineering (FYE) students or students who wish to CODO to MDE/IDES also may join by request.

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2023-24 Officers

President: Jade Lee
Treasurer: Daniel Uh
Historian: Saya Ueki
Professional Development Chair: Alexandra Loyot
Mentorship Programming Chair: Jack Gorsuch
Design Chair: Rachel Rizzi
Social Chair: Ben Fang

Call-Out and Semester Events

All students must register on BoilerLink to attend any event listed. 


Professional Development Opportunities:

  • Co-op Open House
  • EXPO Fair Workshop
  • Animatronics Workshops with Michael Meyers & KnowledgeLab
  • PUMA Blacksmithing Workshop Series (exclusive invite from PUMA)
  • 3D-Printing Competition (collaboration with ASME)

Social Events:

  • Movie night
  • Squirrel Skate
  • Show-and-Tell Event (collaboration with PUMA)
  • Sticker-Making Event 
  • End-of-Semester Gathering 

Mentorship Program:

Sign up to be a mentee or mentor!

Outreach Events:

  • B-Involved Fair
  • Engineering Major Fair
  • SWEekend


Historical Reference

MDESS rebooted in the 2017-18 AY from a very long hiatus. When a "new" homeroom entered the picture for MDE and IDES students, a common meeting area created the perfect opportunity for students in the program to meet and socialize. Some of the previous officers included:

MDESS Members in Flannel for Fall Picnic


President: Eric Swanson


President: Elizabeth Shu
Treasurer: Garrett Stocksdale
Social Heads: Leanna Chan, Emily Arnold
Service Head: Audrey Moeller
Professional Development Head: Keertana Chirra
Alumni Head: Canyon Ellis
Historians: Sedona Carey, Rachel Wetterlin


President: Canyon Ellis


N/A - Covid-19 Pandemic Disruption


President: Claudia Johnson
Treasurer: Lynne Kim
Historian: Rachel Gander
Professional Development Chair: Logan Noster
Alumni Liasion: Charlee Wilhelm
Social Chairs: Harry Nguyen, Spencer Hutchins