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Engineering Education at Purdue University

Here, graduate students and faculty work together to probe how engineering is best learned, best taught, and best practiced.

Purdue has been a powerhouse for educating engineers for more than 120 years, but the academic study of how best to educate engineers has emerged in just the past few decades. Determined to lead in the discipline, in 2004 Purdue established the School of Engineering Education, the world's first such academic unit, and, along with it, the world's first engineering education graduate program.

At Purdue, an enthusiastic and committed community of scholars (including 25+ faculty members) has developed a research base for guiding engineering education by experimenting with new teaching methods, developing curricula, assessing how students learn, and moving those findings into the classrooms of tomorrow’s engineers. The ultimate goal? To educate engineering leaders who can respond creatively and responsibly to 21st-century challenges.

2019 ENE PhD Cohort
2019 Engineering Education PhD Cohort

Ribbon National Reputation of our faculty, students, and graduate program as agents of change. The American Society for Engineering Education, the National Academy of Engineering, the National Science Foundation, and others have recognized Purdue Engineering Education’s leadership, honored our scholarship, and/or funded our research.


Talking Icon Living Laboratories for teaching and research including our First-Year Engineering Program, our Multidisciplinary Engineering Program, and our INSPIRE Research Institute for Pre-College Engineering. 


Tools Personalized Program to accommodate your interests, background, and career aspirations. Our program draws from many disciplines, and we actively seek students across a range of academic interests and life experiences.


Bubble Research Seminar Series to learn and share with your colleagues–at Purdue and beyond–what you are doing to define and advance engineering education. Weekly presentations foster community-building and provide opportunities for professional development.



Collaborative, Inclusive Environment
Our graduate program attracts faculty and students from across the country and around the world into a welcoming and supportive community.



Fully Funded PhD Program
Students are fully funded with stipends and tuition through research and teaching assistantships or fellowships. In our program, you can focus on your studies and not worry about your finances.

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PhD in Engineering Education
Online Brochure

A year in the making, we took all of our frequently asked questions and created a one-stop-shop brochure to help guide you through the details of our PhD in Engineering Education. Learn about our new Teaching and Learning in Engineering Graduate Certificate, now available on both campus and online.

Last Updated June 2019

Graduate Certificate 
Online Brochure

A brief overview of our graduate certicate, Teaching and Learning in Education and the benefits for current engineering or STEM faculty, PhD students in STEM fields, and engineers and scientists seeking a career change. 

Last Updated June 2019

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