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Program Data

First-Year Engineering and transfer students, as well as students already in the program are often interested in various aspects of our program, and request data on these topics.  Provided here are some of the most frequently requested pieces of information regarding our program.


URM Percentages by AY

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Data Source: COE Student Enrollment Quick Reference 2018-19




MDE and IDES Graduate Totals by Year

Data Source: MDE Advising Office




MDE and IDES Enrollment by Year

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MDE and IDES Totals by Concentration

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  • ACST - Acoustical Engineering
  • ENMG - Engineering Management
  • ENSS - Engineering Science Studies
  • GENG - General Engineering
  • HENG - Humanitarian Engineering
  • INTE - INTE Enrollment
  • LENG - Lighting Engineering
  • NANO - Nano Engineering
  • PMES - Pre-Med Engineering Studies
  • SELF - Student Designed Plan of Study
  • THTR - Theatre Engineering
  • VDEN - Visual Design Engineering
  • VDES - Visual Design Engineering Studies (Discontinued)

Data Source: COE Student Enrollment Quick Reference 2018-19

Employment and Salary

For the most current data, visit Purdue's Data Dashboard. Below is a screenshot of our Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies and Multidisciplinary data as of June 28, 2019.

Plans After Graduate Percentages

Last Updated September 17, 2019