Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Certification

Taking the FE exam is the first step toward becoming a professional engineer and working in the field of engineering practice.  The FE exam is recommended for all MDE students as early as the second semester of the junior year, or as late as the final semester of the senior year. The Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam serves as an important early milestone towards students demonstrating their readiness for the workplace, and establishing themselves as meeting the highest standards of a quality engineering education.  The exam includes a sampling of many topics you will cover in your engineering and MDE core coursework.  When students make note on their resume that they have passed the FE exam, employers take note!

We are happy to report that the MDE students pass the FE exam at rates commensurate to other disciplinary peers. Learn more about the many benefits of taking this important exam, steps to reserve your exam date, and more…

While taking FE exam is voluntary, students who take the exam and pass it are fully refunded by our program for their out of pocket examination fees. Find out more about the process of FE exam reimbursement.

To meet other students looking forward to the world of professional engineering practice, and  preparing for the FE exam, consider joining Purdue Student Professional Engineer society (PSPE), or connect with them via LinkedIn.


Last Updated August 22, 2018