July 10, 2023

Fall 2023 Open Registration - Begins again on July 24

Fall scheduling is currently closed while Purdue focuses on new and freshmen student orientation/pre-registration. Open Registration will begin again for all undergraduate students on Monday, April 24. Find your July time ticket in myPurdue>Registration Tab>Registration Status & Time ticket.

Reference the EEE Registration Fall 2023 newsletter – revised to include Open Registration instructions and helpful guidance.  

DUIRI: Now Accepting Student Applications for Fall 2023

Discovery Park District has posted new research projects for the Discovery Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Internship’s fall 2023 session. Undergraduates can see the current list of DUIRI projects and apply for up to three fall projects at the DUIRI website by clicking on Projects. Students must be undergraduates enrolled at the West Lafayette campus, having already completed one semester of studies at Purdue, with an established GPA of 3.0 or higher.

The student application deadline is July 13. Faculty project supervisors will review all eligible student applications before making final selections. Students will be notified of their acceptance after that date.

During the fall, student teams will be responsible for pursuing their research projects, culminating with a poster presentation and one-page abstract/summary of their results. Assuming all requirements are met, each participating student will earn a $1,000 fall term fellowship from the DUIRI program.

Several fall projects will be co-funded by Purdue’s Institute for a Sustainable Future (ISF).  These interdisciplinary projects promote collaborative sustainability research in areas including water challenges, environmental stressors, climate science, environmental justice, renewable energy and sustainable communities. Student researchers for these ISF projects will have additional engagement with the Institute during and beyond the fall internship. For more information, email kmmitsch@purdue.edu.

Purdue Data Mine opportunities this fall

The Data Mine has partnered with outside companies for five years, and many companies want to recruit engineering students. While many students secure internships or co-ops, Data Mine gives students another avenue to gain experience working in industry. Come learn the soft skills needed to enter the professional environment in a safe and welcoming space. Data Mine currently has 88 projects lined up for this fall. See current projects open for enrollment this fall.  In particular, these projects may be of interest to EEE students:

Students (graduate and undergraduate) need to apply, and then register for the project they want to participate in. Questions can be directed to Lauren Terese Dalder, Corporate Partners Advisor, atltdalder@purdue.edu

EEE Combined Degree Program

Seniors, are you interested in the EEE Combined Degree Program in which a Purdue student can receive a BS degree, and with one additional year of study, a non-thesis Master’s of Science in Environmental and Ecological Engineering (MSEEE) degree. This is accomplished by dual-counting 12 appropriate course credits at the 500 level on the BS and MSEEE Plans-of-Study.

Students with an overall GPA of 3.25 or better are encouraged to consider applying to the EEE Combined Degree program. Seniors with two semesters yet to complete the BS degree should apply now.  Talk to your EEE Faculty Mentor, Prof. John Howarter or email eeegrad@purdue.edu with specific questions.  See the following link for details: https://engineering.purdue.edu/EEE/Academics/CurrentStudents/Graduate/CombinedDegreeProgram

EEE 48000 Senior Design and EEE 48100 Reflective Practitioner

Rising EEE seniors may be wondering about Senior Design next year.  The mainstream senior design course for EEE is EEE 48000. Students take this course in their final full academic year (fall-spring) and work on the same team with the same sponsor/client through that year. Projects are coordinated, and teams formed, by the instructional team. This year the instructional team is Prof. Nies, Prof. Mulrow, and Ms. Whelton. You can learn more about projects from over the years on the EEE site at Current Undergraduate Students-> Opportunities for Enrichment-> Senior Design

Seniors are also welcome and encouraged to enroll EEE 48100 Reflective Practitioner, a new 1 credit course being taught by Prof. Lindsey Payne this fall.  See the attached course flyer for more details. Specific course content questions can be directed to Prof. Payne.  If interested in enrolling, email/speak with Tammi Thayer about course enrollment procedures. 

EEE Student News Submission

Have you accomplished something noteworthy (award, scholarship/fellowship, publication, poster presentation, internship, full-time job) that you’d like to share with EEE? Please send Jess Mehr the basic info, high-quality photo, and a quote about your honor and she will likely (not guaranteed) promote it on social media or choose to write an article for the web site.

Please use the attached EEE Student News Submission template.

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