The Macroeconomic Role of Efficiency: Eco-Labels’ Missing Story by Sarah LeFever, EEE Undergraduate Researcher

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EEE graduate students receive awards and honors from the College of Engineering

EEE graduate students attend UIUC CEE 29th Environmental Engineering and Science Symposium & 2023-2024 AEESP Distinguished Lecture

John W. Sutherland honored with 2024 AEESP Distinguished Service Award

EEE Ph.D. student Venkat Roy’s life cycle assessments on new lithium extraction tech move us toward a circular economy

Dr. George Zhou and his new patent bring civil engineering, environmental engineering, and biotechnology together, all in the name of sustainability

EEE Student Organizations: 2023-2024 in Review

Chad Jafvert receives the AEESP Distinguished Educator Award!

2024 EEE Recognition Night highlights the class of 2024, along with student, faculty, and department accomplishments

2024 EEE Undergraduate Awardees: Hailey Benfield - Rachel Carson award, Delaney Partridge - Wangari Maathai award, Nikki Zavodny - Gaylord Nelson award

Lindsey Payne (EEE) receives Exceptional Early Career Teaching Award from Purdue University; her service learning course featured in local news

Celebrate EEE and its history with the new "EEE Over the Years" Video

YeChan Lim (BSEEE '16, MSEEE '18) uses his EEE degree and environmental politics and policy minor to make big impacts with the EPA

Lindsey Payne (EEE), Marisol Sepulveda (FNR), and George Zhou (EEE/CE) receive funding for PFAS research from Indiana Water Resources Research Center and U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

Miranda Stickel: Environmental and Ecological Engineering and Spanish come together in Seville, Spain

Employee Recognition Awards: Tripta Bhattacharjee, Chris Copeland, Kendrick Hardaway, Michelle Indarjit, and Tammi Thayer

EEE introduces a new student focused fund just in time for Purdue Day of Giving!

Women's History is Now: Featuring Maddy Williams (BSEEE '18), Hailey Benfield (EEE Sophomore), Clarreese Greene (EEE PhD Candidate), and Rebecca Ciez (Assistant Professor EEE/ME)

Rebecca Ciez wins a 2023 Scialog award for decarbonization research!

Team "Carbonbusters" named EnergyTech UP Central Regional Finalists