April 4, 2024

Miranda Stickel: Environmental and Ecological Engineering and Spanish come together in Seville, Spain

When I made the decision to come to Purdue, I wasn’t sure where my time would take me – I only knew that I had two goals: 1) Complete a study abroad 2) Become fluent in Spanish. After three great years full of discovering my passion for environmentalism and pursuing exciting extracurriculars, I realized my time was coming to an end and my desire to study abroad was still strong.
February 29, 2024

Rebecca Ciez wins a 2023 Scialog award for decarbonization research!

Congrats to Rebecca Ciez on receiving a 2023 Scialog Collaborative Innovation Award! She was awarded $50,000 from the Research Corporation for Science Advancement and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for her team’s project: “Plastic Waste to DAC: A Study of the Chemical and Lifecycle Feasibility of Converting Polyolefin Waste to Aminopolymers for Direct Air Capture.”
February 7, 2024

Brady Hardiman's discoveries in forest recovery featured in Purdue Today

Extreme events wipe out entire forests, dramatically eliminating complex ecosystems as well as local communities. Researchers have become quite familiar with such attention-grabbing events over the years. They know less, however, about the more common moderate-severity disturbances, such as relatively small fires, ice storms, and outbreaks of pests or pathogens. Purdue researchers are discovering more.
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