Using Linux Compute Resources

Table of Contents

  1. Compute Resources
  2. Network connection
  3. SSH
  4. Screen
  5. Linux/Unix/Shell
  6. X Windows
  7. Specific Applications
    1. Abaqus
    2. Matlab
  1. Compute Resources

    1. College Wide
      1. riptide - graduate students only
      2. whirlpool - undergraduate students only
    2. Department level
      1. AAE
      2. IE
        • barany
  2. Network Connection

    You will need to be connected to the Purdue network in some way.

    If you are on campus you are mostly liked using a wired connection or wireless.

    If you are off campus or have a Purdue network you can then move on to SSH.

  3. SSH

    If you are on a Linux host ssh is typically available.

    For Windows hosts you can use SecureCRT or PuTTy.

    Mac OSX host instructions.

  4. Linux/Unix/Shell

    Once you are logged into a host you will be in a Linux environment.

  5. Screen

    If you have long running jobs the screen command is very useful.

    This gives a good overview of screen.

  6. X Windows

    Some applications will require a GUI to run. For example, to do pre or post-processing for Abaqus you will need to bring up a GUI to create the model, mesh it, and prepare it before you run your solve/simulation.

    To do this remotely you will need to have an X server running on your local host.

    If you are using Linux it should already be running.

    Max OSX needs a little configuration sometimes.

    With Windows you will need to do a bit more.

    In your ssh client you will want to have "X11 forwarding" enabled. If you are starting ssh from a command line/terminal application be sure to use the -X flag which enables X11 forwarding.

  1. Specific Applications

    1. Abaqus

    2. Ansys

    3. Matlab

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