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Running Matlab on Servers

Running jobs on a server

  1. ssh into a server.
  2. Start a screen session:
    1. something like "screen -S matlab-program_name"
  3. load the matlab module "ml matlab"
  4. Run your job
    • Decide where you want to run the program. For this example I will have it in my home directory (U: or W: drive on windows)
    • run the job: ml matlab; matlab -nodisplay < program_name.m
  5. Once the job is running you can do "ctrl-a d" to detach from the session
  6. check on it periodically to see if it is done:
    1. ssh into server
    2. reattach to the screen session: "screen -r" or "screen -r name-you-gave-the-session"
    3. if it's done type "exit" to end your session
    4. or "ctrl-a d" to detach and check on it later

Using the GUI

Here's how to access Matlab with a graphical user interface (GUI). Please note that performance might be slow unless you have a fast Internet connection.

6. Start an X server (such as VcXsrv or Cygwin, you would have to download and install one of these packages on a "self-supported" system).

7. ssh with X11 packet forwarding into a host using an application like SecureCRT. (If you are using a "self-supported" or personally-owned computer, you may download SecureCRT.)

8. Start the GUI by typing the following commands:

module load matlab -> more information can be found here


This should get around the lack of proper video drivers.

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