Olson Senior Design Lab Information

Olson Design Lab Information

Computer Hardware

The Olson Lab in HAMP 3154 was upgraded during the summer of 2018 with 17 new Dell OptiPlex 5050 with an Intel Core i7, 3.4Ghz quad core CPU, 16GB Ram, and a 23" LCD monitors. The systems are all connected to a network switch at 1 Gb/s and the switch has a 1Gb/s uplink to the Purdue network.

HAMP 1212 Lab

The CE Computing Lab, HAMP 1212, is also setup just like the Olson Lab. You will find the same software in both labs.

Olson Lab Schedule

The Olson Lab opens at the beginning of each fall and spring semesters. During the first week of class it is only open from 8am to 5pm. Starting the second Monday of the semester, the lab follows the hours in the table below. If that Monday happens to be a holiday such as Labor or Martin Luther King, Jr day, it starts on the second Tuesday of the semester. For any holidays or breaks, the lab is closed during those days and it closes the weekend leading into that break such as Spring and October break. For Thanksgiving break, the lab closes at 5pm on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. During finals week, the lab is only open from 8am to 5pm and closes for the semester on the Friday of finals week.

Olson Lab Hours (Fall and Spring Semesters)

Day Time
Monday - Thursday 8:00 am - 11:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am - 5 pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Noon - 11:00 pm

Storage Space

By default, the U: drive maps to your ITaP storage space with a 25GB quota. In addition, you have 1TB of space on the Microsoft OneDrive service as part of your Office 365 account.

OneDrive: Sharing a Folder with Teams and Members

As OneDrive provides each student with 1TB of online storage space, it will be used for sharing project data. A link will be provided with the class to a shared folder containing a copy of the original project data. Also, each team member can create a new folder in OneDrive and share it with each team member by adding email addresses to the share. It can be shared either with or without the edit option. How to share folders in OneDrive.


Be sure your project data and any files containing works in progress are copied to or stored directly to a network storage location such as OneDrive or your U: / W: drive. These spaces have recovery options in case something is deleted or it becomes corrupted.

Print Quota

Each student in senior design is provided with an additional $10 in ECN print quota.


The Olson Lab has one PC with an HP ScanJet.


  • NO food or drinks in lab.
  • Return books and drawing after use.

Printing Posters and AutoCAD Drawings

Use PowerPoint.

Set the PowerPoint slide to the actual size that you want it to print out, ie 24"X36", using File -> Page Setup. Then you can add correct size text and photos. An 8.5"X11" powerpoint slide enlarged to 36X48, will have text with jagged edges and photos will look very grainy and distorted.

How to print to the plotter.

Installing the Plotter

You have access to an HP LaserJet and an HP DesignJet Plotter. To access the plotters you will need to install it from the print server, ecnprint01.itap.purdue.edu.

  • Open My Computer and enter \\ecnprint01.itap.purdue.edu in the location bar
  • Select the printer that you would like to install and double click on it:
      Olson Lab Printers:
    • CIVL3154P2 - HP DesignJet T1300 Plotter or
  • The printers CIVL3154P1 and CIVL1212P1 are already installed locally on the Olson Lab PCs.
  • Set the CIVL3154P1 printer as the default printer.

Presentations on Laptops

Use a USB memory stick to transfer your presentation to the local hard drive of the laptop and run your presentation from the hard drive. This will prevent long pauses in your presentation while large images load from the removable media.

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