CE Poster Printing on Plotter

Printing a Poster to the Plotter in CE

In Civil Engineering, we have a large format plotter. It is capable of printing on paper that is 36" or 42" tall by 48" long. This plotter is ONLY available to Civil Engineering faculty staff and students. Students must request access by emailing cesite@ecn.purdue.edu.

The plotter can be installed from the print server ecnprint06.itap.purdue.edu and is named civl3154p2. Two printers are listed on the print server because the plotter supports two different printer languages. In most cases, you should use the civl3154p2 plotter. If you have problems printing with the PCL/GL2 version, try the PS version named civl3154p2-ps.


Plotter Instructions for Microsoft Office Products

Below are the instructions on how to plot to the new plotter with Microsoft Office products, the documentation was written using PowerPoint 2013 but will work for any recent Microsoft Office product.

Set Slide Size:

First we will need to set the slide size to the size of our printout this can be done by going to the “Design” Tab

Then choose the “Slide Size” button and then the “Custom Slide Size…” link

Note on Office 2010 the button is labeled “Page Setup” and is under the “File” button in the Design tab but it opens the same “Slide Size” window.

This will open the “Slide Size” window:

Select the “Custom” option in the ‘Slides sized for’ drop down.

For the Width enter “42 in” if you wish to print on 42” paper or “36 in” if you wish to print on 36” paper.

For the Height enter “48 in”.

Then click on the “OK” button

Printing your slides:

Go to the “File” tab then click on ‘Print’ then select the plotter (civl3154p2) then go to the settings box labeled ‘Full Page Slides’ and click on the drop down arrow then check the “Scale to Fit Paper” option.

Next click on the “Printer Properties” link below the printer that you selected.


On the “Properties” window that opens select the “Paper/Quality” tab

Then in the “Paper Options” section select the “Custom…” button


In the “Custom Paper Size” window that opens select the Width box and type in the same number that you did for the slide or page size (36 or 42), then select the ‘Length’ box and type in 48.


Then give your custom paper size a name and select the “Save” button and then the “OK” button.

The document size should have changed to the name of the custom paper size you created.  You can then use this paper size next time you need to plot by selecting it from the drop down menu.

Then hit the “OK” button and proceed with printing the document to the plotter.  It will take some time depending on the number of jobs ahead of you and the size of you document and how large it is.


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