Knoy 202: Getting Started

To use any audiovisual or computer gear in the Knoy 202 Dean's Conference Room (including the videoconference cameras, desktop computer, two laptop connections, DVD player, two large video displays, and/or projector), begin with the procedures on this page.

Then proceed with the supplemental procedures specific to each component.


1. Wake up the touch display from sleep mode.

1A. Touch the screen to wake up the display; it may take a minute or two for the display to come out of sleep mode.

1B. When the screen wakes up, touch the "Press here to Start AV System" button.










2. Make sure the Polycom audio unit on the conference table is set to mute.

You may skip this step if you intend to host or participate in a videoconference or (audio only) conference call.

2A. Press the Mute button, which is the red button at the lower-right corner. (See the yellow circle in the photo at right.)

2B. Verify that the status lights are red (see the yellow arrows in the photo) and/or that "Mute" appears on the display.

If you forget to make sure the Polycom audio unit is muted, conversations in the room will be unintentionally broadcasted to remote callers!




3. Select the screen you wish to use.

There are three buttons at the top of the screen corresponding to the three displays in the room:

  • The video display ("Flat Panel 1") at the back left of the room
  • The video projector on the ceiling, which projects to the screen at the front center of the room
  • The video display ("Flat Panel 2") at the back right of the room

Touch the button corresponding to the display you wish to use.



4. Choose the video source you wish to send to the chosen display.

After you touch the button for the display you wish to use, a menu should appear underneath it. There will be buttons for the following sources:

PC: The desktop PC in the podium.

Laptop Podium: For a laptop connected to the cables on the top of the podium.

Laptop Table: For a laptop connected to the cables on the conference table.

Doccam: The document camera located in the drawer on the right side of the podium.

DVD: The DVD player located in the podium.

Polycom: This source is the Polycom videoconference system.

Touch the button corresponding to the source you wish to use.

Complete the instructions on this "Getting Started" page; then follow the links below to instructions specific to each of these sources.








5. Send your source to the selected display.

With your source and destination display selected, a green button labeled "Touch to send to screen" will appear next to the display button.

Touch the button to finish setting up your display.
















6. Select your audio source.

In addition to selecting your video source, select the audio source you wish to play through the room's speaker system. Look for the "Select Audio Source" bar at the bottom of the touch screen.

Simply touch the audio source you wish to hear. If you don't wish to hear any audio, simply touch the "None" button.



Device-specific instructions

To continue, please follow the links below for device-specific instructions: [These links will be activated as the new documents are completed -- ECN, April 2011]


Before you leave Knoy 202

When you're done using the Knoy 202 Dean's Conference Room for the day, please take a moment to do the few steps shown here:


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