Knoy 202: Getting Started

There is in-depth documentation available at (updated 2017-10-16).



To use any audiovisual or computer gear in the Knoy 202 Dean's Conference Room (including the videoconference camera, desktop computer, two laptop connections, DVD player, and two large video displays), begin with the procedures on this page.

Then proceed with the supplemental procedures specific to each component.

How to use the Crestron display to setup your meeting


To begin, you will need to touch anywhere on the display to turn on the system
Once the system is powered up, the Crestron should look like this:

Video Projector #1 = Left TV


Video Projector #2 = Right TV



You will next need to select what device you will display for each TV:


  This displays the PC at the podium

 This displays a laptop using the cables at the podium
 This displays the document camera that is used to project physical documents and objects



  This displays the Cisco system for Webex video conferencing

                                         Must be scheduled first through the Cisco Smart Scheduler    



  This displays a laptop using the cables from the Table 1 input




  This displays a laptop using the cables from the Table 2 input







  Once you are finished, this will shut down the system


Device-specific instructions

To continue, please follow the links below for device-specific instructions: [These links will be activated as the new documents are completed -- ECN, April 2011]

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