ECN: Software Mailing Lists

The Engineering Computer Network has established several MAILMAN mailing lists for the dissemination of information about software applications and system software. The mailing lists are for posting information relevant to the ECN installation of the application (such as version upgrades and usage instructions) as well as providing a forum in which users may exchange information. Interested users are encouraged to subscribe to the lists pertinent to their work.

The names of these mailing lists are included at Mailman Lists ( ). All mailing lists about software applications start with the string "App_" and about system software start with the string "Sys_". For example, the mailing list for MATLAB is named "App_matlab-list". 

To subscribe (or unsubscribe) to any mailing list, click on the name of the mailing list at Mailman Lists and follow the instructions displayed.

If you have any questions about the software application and system software mailing lists, check with your ECN Site Specialist.

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