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List Description
Aae203-list Aeromechanics I
Aae333-list Fluid Mechanics
AAE352-list Structural Analysis I
Aae364-list Contral Systems Analysis
Aae558-list Finite Element Methods in Aerospace Structures
Aae564-list Systems Analysis and Synthesis
Aae590i-list AAE590: Applied Optimal Control
Abe-alumni-list Alumni of the ABE department
abe-enre ABE Environmental and Natural Resource Engineering
Abe_core ABE Core Mailing List
Abeclerical ABE Clerical Mailing List
Abedept ABE Departmental Mailing List (Umbrella)
Abefaculty ABE Faculty Mailing List
Abegradstu ABE Graduate Student Mailing List
Abepostdocs ABE Post Docs
Aberetirees Retirees of the ABE department of Purdue University
Abestaff ABE Staff Mailing List
Abestudents ABE Students Mailing List (Umbrella)
Abevisitors ABE Visiting Scholars List
Acadit-list Academic IT Leaders at Purdue
ACS_faculty ACS_faculty
Advisors-fye-list Advisors First Year Engr.
Advisory-comm-list Engineering Dean's Advisory Committee
Aefreshman Agricultural Engineering Freshman
Aejuniors Agricultural Engineering Juniors
Aeseniors Agricultural Engineering Seniors
Aesophomores Agricultural Engineering Sophomores
Aeundergrads Agricultural Engineering Undergradute Email list
Aflstaff-list AFL Staff
Airco-list Coral discussion list for Airco
Alphaepsilon-list Alpha Epsilon
Alphastep_1-list Coral discussion list for Alphastep
Alphastep_2-list Coral discussion list for Alphastep
Ammonia_anneal-list Coral discussion list for Ammonia Anneal
Anatech_Sputtering-list Coral discussion list for Anatech Sputtering
App_abaqus-list Abaqus Announcements
App_acrobat-list Acrobat Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_adams-list Adams Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_ansys-list Ansys announcements at ECN
App_compilers-list Compilers Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_comsol-list COMSOL announcements at ECN
App_cplex-list CPlex Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_elm-list Elm Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_exmh-list exmh Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_fluent-list Fluent Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_gams-list Gams Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_gcc-list Gcc Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_ghostscript-list Ghostscript Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_ghostview-list Ghostview Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_gnuplot-list Gnuplot Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_gpg-list GPG Information and Discusion list at ECN
App_hyperworks-list Hyperworks Information and Discussion List at ECN
App_icaclient-list ICAClient Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_imagemagick-list Imagemagick Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_java-list Java Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_labview-list Labview Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_latex-list LaTeX Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_lynx-list Lynx Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_lyx-list Lyx Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_maple-list Maple Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_mathematica-list Mathematica Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_matlab-list Matlab Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_mh-list mh Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_nastran-list Nastran Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_nx-list NX Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_opengl-list OpenGL Informatino and Discussion list at ECN
App_openoffice-list OpenOffice Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_oracle-list Oracle Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_patran-list Patran Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_perl-list Perl Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_pine-list Pine Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_procmail-list Procmail Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_python-list Python Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_solidworks-list SolidWorks Information
App_staroffice-list Staroffice Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_sun_compilers-list Sun Compilers Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_tecplot-list TecPlot Application Information Mailing List
App_unigraphics-list [no description available]
App_vim-list VIM Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_xanim-list Xanim Information and Description list at ECN
App_xemacs-list XEmacs Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_xmh-list xmh Information and Discussion list at ECN
App_zope-list Zope Information and Discussion list at ECN
Armsb191-notify-list ARMS B191 Notifications
asabe-list ASABE Purdue Student Chapter
Asmfreshmen ASM Freshmen Mailing List
Asmjuniors ASM Juniors Mailing List
Asmseniors ASM Seniors Mailing List
Asmsophomores ASM Sophomores Mailing List
Asmundergrads ASM Undergrad Mailing List (Umbrella)
Axic-list Coral discussion list for Axic Etcher
Befreshman Biological Engineering Freshman
Bejuniors Biological Engineering Juniors Email List
Beseniors Biological Engineering Seniors Email List
Besophomores Biological Engineering Sophomores Email List
Beundergrads Biological Engineering Undergraduates Email List
Biodiv-faculty-list BioDiv Faculty List
Blue_m-list Coral Discussion List
BNC-all BNC members/BRK occupants
Bnc-faculty-all-list [no description available]
Bnc-faculty-occupants-list Faculty occupants of BRK
Bnc-grads-list BNC graduate students
Bnc-occupants-list BNC Occupants
Bncnews-list [no description available]
Cdesign-lab cdesign lab members
Cf-law-enforcement-list CF Law Enforcement
Cha-list Coral discussion list for CHA evaporator
Che330-list [no description available]
ChmeSafety Chemical Engineering Safety Committee
cleanroom_probe_1-list [no description available]
Cm300-list Coral discussion list
Cmd-remediation-list CMD Remediation Day
Coe-staff2020-list CoE Staff of 2020
Coesac-list College of Engineering Staff Advisory Committee
Cores-research-community Distribution for CORES
CPD-list Coral discussion list for CPD
Csoi-council council listserv
Css-excom-2017 [no description available]
Doe-adv-list Dean of Engineering Advancement Office Mailing List
Doe-dac-list Dean's Advisory Committee
Doe-facilities-planning [no description available]
Doe-heads-list DOE College of Engineering Heads Mailing List
Doe-osuvisit-list [no description available]
Doe-site-safety [no description available]
Doe-strategyteam-list DOE Strategic Team Mailing List
Dpweb-list Discovery Park Web Team
DrainMan Agricultural Drainage Management Systems Task Force
Drc-peer-mentor means to connect members
EAA-Singapore-Alum Purdue Alumni List - Singapore
Eaaboard-alumni-list [no description available]
Eaaboard-student-list [no description available]
Eac-admins-list EAC Admins
Eac-list Engineering Advisory
Easytube3000-list Coral list for Easy Tube
Ebo-acctmgmt-list EBO Account Managers List
Ec2adteam Advisory Team for EcoCAR2
Ece-495-vip-image Vertical Integrate Project
Ece-ac-list ece ac group list
Ece-alumni-newsletter ECE Alumni Newsletter
Ece-be-list ece be group list
Ece-cnsip-list cnsip group list
Ece-fo-list ece fo group list
ece-hinet-list [no description available]
Ece-mn-list ece mn group list
Ece-vc-list ece vc group list
ece469-list ece469 mailing list
Ece606-list [no description available]
Ece617-list Class roster mail list
Ecea-list ECE Ambassadors
Eceacfaculty-list ECE AC Faculty Mailing List
Eceacstudent-list ECE AC Student Mailing List
Ecebiofaculty-list ECE Bio Faculty Mailing List
Ecebiostudent-list ECE Bio Student Mailing List
Ecebmestudent-list ECE BME Student Mailing List
ececompseminar-list ECE Computer Engineering Seminar Announcements List
Ececspfaculty-list ECE CSP Faculty Mail List
Ececspstudent-list ECE CSP Student Mailing List
Eceesfaculty-list ECE ES Faculty Mailing List
Eceesstudent-list ECE ES Student Mailing List
Ecefofaculty-list ECE FO Faculty Mailing List
Ecefostudent-list ECE FO Student Mailing List
ECEimaging ECE - Ricoh Imaging - for correspondence
Ecemsstudent-list ECE MS Student Mailing List
Ecess-all-list [no description available]
Ecessfaculty-list ECE SS Faculty Mailing List
Ecessstudent-list ECE SS Student Mailing List
Ecevlsifaculty-list ECE VLSI Faculty Mailing List
Ecevlsistudent-list ECE VLSI Student Mailing List
ecn_webgroup-list ECN Web Group
Ecnn-list ECN Newsletter
Ecnphotos-list ECN Photo Challenge Group
Ecocar2-list Purdue EcoCAR2 Team
Edctaskforce-list [no description available]
Ee462-list EE 462 Class Mailing List
Ee495k-list EE 495K Class Mailing List
Ee637-list EE 637 Mailing List
EEE-student-list EEE Student List
Electrodeposition_par-list Coral list
Ellipsometer-list Coral discussion list for Ellipsometer
Emitech_evaporator-list Coral discussion list
Ene-courtesy-faculty-list ENE Courtesy Faculty
ENEdept-list ENE Department
Enegradstu-list ENE Graduate Students
Enepostdoc-list ENE Post Doc's
ENEstaff-list ENE Staff Mailing List
ENEWS-list ENE external e-letter
Engemeritus-list [no description available]
Engr103-volunteer-list ENGR 103 AFL Volunteers
Engr_advisors-list Engineering Advisors Mailing List
Engwf-list Women Engineering Faculty mailing list
Epics-india Health for India's Children
Epigress-list Coral discussion list for Epigress VP508
Ese-faculty-list ESE faculty listserv
Esw-list ESW Purdue Mailing List
Ewag-announce-list Announcements for the Engineering Web Advancement Group
Ewb-list Engineers Without Borders
Ewbdesignteam-list EWB Design Team
Fac-list Faculty Affairs Committee
Ffacontest This is the FFA Contest Mailing List
Fiji200_ald-list Fiji list for Coral
Filmetrics-list Coral discussion list for Filmetrics
First-year-engineer-list FYE e-letter mailing list
Freeform-feedback How Freeform supports you
fsoptics-list Ultrafast Optics email
Fye-parent-list FYE Parent mailing list
GatanPIPS-list Coral discussion list for Gatan PIPS
Hall_effect_1217-list Coral discussion list for Hall Effect Measurement
Harrisgrp-list Harris research group
hwstuds-list [no description available]
I2deng-list [no description available]
Imaging-list Purdue Imaging
Inltap-cityengineers-list Inltap City Engineers List
Inltap-countyengineerssupervisors-list Inltap County Engineers Supervisors List
Inltap-streetcommissioners-list Inltap Street Commissioners List
Insgc-list Indiana Space Grant Consortium
IWLA Indiana Watershed Leadership Academy
Iwla-alumni IWLA Alumni
Joel_jcm-5000-list Coral list for SEM
Kns4526-list Coral discussion list for K&S 4526 Wirebonder
Ladd_evaporator-list Coral discussion list
Lesker-EBeam-list Coral discussion list for Lesker E-Beam
Lesker_ebeam-list Lesker Ebeam Coral list
Lext-list LEXT users mailing list
Leybold-list Coral discussion list for Leybold Evaporator
Linux-list ECN Linux Discussion Mailing List
LTO_Protemp-list Coral discussion list for LTO Protemp
Ma6-list Coral discussion list for MA-6 Aligner
Ma_24-list Coral discussion list for MA-24 Aligner
Manual_plungler_1-list Coral discussion list
Manual_plungler_2-list Coral discussion list
Me309staff ME309 Staff
Me509staff email ME509 staff
Mep-corporate-contacts-list MEP Corp. Cont. Email list
Mep-corporate-partners-list MEP Corp.Part. email list
MEP-list MEP at Purdue
Mercury_probe-list Coral discussion list for Mercury Probe
Mjb3_1-list Coral discussion list for MJB-3 Aligner
Mjb3_2-list Coral discussion list for MJB-3 Aligner
Ml-security Reliability and security in autonomous systems
mmdiscuss-list mailman discussion group
mmfp-faculty Group email list for MMFP
MMR_Probe_2261-list Coral discussion list for MMR Probe Station
mse-bruker-d8-list Bruker D8 Focus
mse-bruker-gadds-list MSE Bruker GADDS
mse-sem-superuser Super User Mail List
MSE-XRD-Admin Contact for MSE XRD Admin
Mse430-list [no description available]
Msefaculty-list MSE Faculty Mailing List
Msegradstudent-list MSE Grad Student Mailing List
Mselab2103-list Graduate Lab 2103
Msepostdoc-list MSE Post-Docs and Visiting Scholars List
Mseprimarycom-list MSE Primary Com Mailing
Msestaff-list MSE Staff Mailing List
Mseundergrads-list MSE Undergrad Mailing List
Nanophotonics-list [no description available]
Nanospec_1-list Coral discussion list for Nanospec
Nikon_microscope_1-list [no description available]
Nikon_microscope_2-list [no description available]
Nitric_oxide_anneal-list Coral discussion list for Nitric Oxide Anneal
Nitride_sputtering-list Coral discussion list for Nitride Sputtering
Nove_200-list [no description available]
Nsac-list NSAC Active Members
Nsfcoepis-list [no description available]
Panasonic-list Coral discussion list for Panasonic
pankow-lab-list Pankow Civil List
Parylene_CVD_Furnace-list Coral discussion list for Parylene CVD Furnace
PBS Purdue Beat Society
Peeka-list [no description available]
Perkin_elmer_2400-list Coral discussion list for Perkin Elmer evaporator
Pkb-list Purdue Korean Baseball
Plasma_Tech-list Coral discussion list for Plasma Tech
Pld-list Coral discussion list for Pulsed Laser Deposition
Poly_Nitride_Protemp-list Coral discussion list for Poly-Nitride
Pqsei-all Purdue Quantum Science and Engineering Institute All
Pqug-list PQUG
Preabefreshmen Pre-ABE Freshmen Mailing List
Preabejuniors Pre-ABE Junior Mailing List
Preabeseniors Pre-ABE Senior Mailing List
Preabesophomores Pre-ABE Sophomore Mailing List
Preabestudents Pre-ABE Students Mailing List (Umbrella)
Probe_1-list Coral discussion list for MMR Probe Station
Probe_2-list [no description available]
Protemp_furnace-list Coral Discussion List
PSEF_alumni PSEF Alumni
PSEF_directors PSEF directors
PSEF_exec PSEF Executive List
PSEF_expo PSEF Expo Team List
PSEF_ir PSEF IR Team List
PSEF_list All-PSEF
PSEF_md PSEF MD Team List
PSEF_mentors PSEF mentors
PSEF_newmems PSEF New Member List
PSEF_outreach PSEF Outreach Team List
PSEF_pr PSEF PR Team List
PSEF_talk PSEF General Member List
Pucycling-list This is the Purdue Cycling Club Mailing List
Purdue-robotics-water-quality Dr Yogang Singh
PurdueAIAA-list Purdue AIAA members
PURDUEMISC-list Purdue miscellaneous
Pvd_1-list PVD Ebeam Coral list
Pyrogenic_oxidation-list Coral discussion list for Pyrogenic Oxidation
Raith-list Coral discussion list for Raith
Rep_600-list [no description available]
Rtp_600-list Coral Discussion List
Rtp_minipulse-list Coral discussion list for RTP
S-4800-list Coral discussion list for S-4800
Salproj-list Salary Projection Mailing List
SB-6_bonder-list Coral discussion list for SB6-bonder
sesc-newsletter-list SESC Newsletter Mailing List
Spec_ellips-list VASE Ellipsometer
SPI_sputter_coater-list [no description available]
Spira-list Spira Group mailing list
Stored_products_mg Stored Products Mail Group
Stress_Machine-list Coral discussion list for Stress Machine
Sts_aoe-list Coral discussion list for STS-AOE
Surface-analysis-list Surface Analysis Facility at Birck Nanotechnology Center
Sys_mailman-list Mailman Information and Discussion list at ECN
Sys_sendmail-list Sendmail Information and Discussion list at ECN
Sys_smtp-list SMTP Information and Discussion list at ECN
Sys_spamassasin-list SpamAssassin Information and Discussion list at ECN
Sys_ssh-list SSH Information and Discussion list at ECN
Sys_ssl-list SSL Information and Discussion list at ECN
Sys_viruschecker-list Viruschecker Information and Discussion list at ECN
Sys_webmail-list Webmail Information and Discussion list at ECN
Syslog ECN Systems Log
Tbp-alumni Tau Beta Pi alumni
Titan_80_300-list Coral discussion list for Titan
Triode-list Coral discussion list for Triode Etcher
Varian-list Coral discussion list for Varian
Varian_Ebeam-list Coral discussion list for Varian E-beam
Varian_gen2_mbe-list Coral discussion list for Varian-Gen II MBE
VB6-list Coral discussion list for VB-6 E-beam
Veeco_thermal_1-list Coral discussion list for Veeco Thermal Evaporator
Vitrobot-list Coral discussion list
Wang3058-list Users of WANG 3058 Lab
Westbond-list Coral discussion list for Westbond Wirebonder
Wet_Dry_ox_ProTemp-list Coral discussion list for Wet-Dry Oxidation
Wise-dining Epics Wise Dining
Xef2-list Coral discussion list for Xenon Difluoride Etcher
Xps-list Coral discussion list for XPS
XRAYLAB-list FRNY X-ray Scattering Lab

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