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List Description
Abe-alumni-list Alumni of the ABE department
Abe-birs Biotechnology Innovation and Regulatory Science
Abe-birs-africa-ms BioTech Innovation & Reg for Africa MS
Abe-birs-africa-phd [no description available]
Abe-birs-us [no description available]
Abe_core ABE Core Mailing List
Abeclerical ABE Clerical Mailing List
Abedept ABE Departmental Mailing List (Umbrella)
Abefaculty ABE Faculty Mailing List
Abegradstu ABE Graduate Student Mailing List
Abepostdocs ABE Post Docs
Aberetirees Retirees of the ABE department of Purdue University
Abestaff ABE Staff Mailing List
Abestudents ABE Students Mailing List (Umbrella)
Abevisitors ABE Visiting Scholars List
ACS_faculty ACS_faculty
Acubed-people [no description available]
Aefreshman Agricultural Engineering Freshman
Aejuniors Agricultural Engineering Juniors
Aeseniors Agricultural Engineering Seniors
Aesophomores Agricultural Engineering Sophomores
Aeundergrads Agricultural Engineering Undergradute Email list
Aflstaff-list AFL Staff
Airco-list Coral discussion list for Airco
Alphaepsilon-list Alpha Epsilon
Apreosem Apreo SEM Scifres Birck
Asmfreshmen ASM Freshmen Mailing List
Asmjuniors ASM Juniors Mailing List
Asmseniors ASM Seniors Mailing List
Asmsophomores ASM Sophomores Mailing List
Asmundergrads ASM Undergrad Mailing List (Umbrella)
Avsyscom [no description available]
Avsyspro [no description available]
Befreshman Biological Engineering Freshman
Bejuniors Biological Engineering Juniors Email List
Beseniors Biological Engineering Seniors Email List
Besophomores Biological Engineering Sophomores Email List
Beundergrads Biological Engineering Undergraduates Email List
BNC-all BNC members/BRK occupants
Bnc-faculty-all-list [no description available]
Bnc-grads-list BNC graduate students
Bnc-occupants-list BNC Occupants
Bnc-tgms-alert-list [no description available]
Bnc-tgms-maint BNC TGMS MAINT alert
Bnc-tgms-warning TGMS WARNING alert
Bncnews-list [no description available]
Brkeaton [no description available]
Cha-list Coral discussion list for CHA evaporator
Che-DNP [no description available]
CYAN-Lab-List CYAN Lab
darpa-students [no description available]
Degrowthcoffee-list Degrowth Coffee Hour
Dhs-pund-cina [no description available]
Dpat [no description available]
Dpteam [no description available]
DrainMan Agricultural Drainage Management Systems Task Force
Eabc_class2021 [no description available]
Ebo-acctmgmt-list EBO Account Managers List
Ece-cnsip-list cnsip group list
Ece-corporate-partners ECE Corporate Partners
ECE-MNarea [no description available]
Ecea-list ECE Ambassadors
Ececompegrad-list [no description available]
ececompseminar-list ECE Computer Engineering Seminar Announcements List
Ececourtesy-list [no description available]
Ececspfaculty-list ECE CSP Faculty Mail List
Eceesstudent-list ECE ES Student Mailing List
ECEimaging ECE - Ricoh Imaging - for correspondence
Eceretired [no description available]
Ecn-mailman-test [no description available]
Ecn-student-announcements-list [no description available]
Ecuas-list Elmore Center of UAS
EEE-student-list EEE Student List
Embrio-list [no description available]
Ene-courtesy-faculty-list ENE Courtesy Faculty
ENEdept-list ENE Department
Enegradstu-list ENE Graduate Students
Enepostdoc-list ENE Post Doc's
ENEstaff-list ENE Staff Mailing List
Engineeringundergraduateresearchoffice Undergraduate Research
Engr-boilerbuzz-list [no description available]
Engr_advisors-list Engineering Advisors Mailing List
Epics-india Health for India's Children
Ese-faculty-list ESE faculty listserv
Esw-list ESW Purdue Mailing List
Ewag-announce-list Announcements for the Engineering Web Advancement Group
Ewb-list Engineers Without Borders
Freeform-feedback How Freeform supports you
fsoptics-list Ultrafast Optics email
good-science [no description available]
Heliosfib-list Helios FIB 1237 Birck
Hitachisem-list Hitachi SEM 1235 Birck
hwstuds-list [no description available]
Imaging-list Purdue Imaging
Inltap-cityengineers-list Inltap City Engineers List
Inltap-countyengineerssupervisors-list Inltap County Engineers Supervisors List
Inltap-streetcommissioners-list Inltap Street Commissioners List
IWLA Indiana Watershed Leadership Academy
Iwla-alumni IWLA Alumni
Jeol8100-list BNC's JEOL8100 User List
Jheassced [no description available]
Leybold-list Coral discussion list for Leybold Evaporator
Lgpf-list Gilbreth Fellows
Marinebc-list Marine Biology Club
me-acoustic-noise-control-list [no description available]
Me-building-research-labs [no description available]
me-design-list [no description available]
me-high-performance-buildings [no description available]
me-human-machines-interactions [no description available]
Me-lab-safety-representititves ME ISP Lab Safety Reps
Me309staff ME309 Staff
Me509staff email ME509 staff
Medifor-integrity [no description available]
Medifor-notpi [no description available]
Medifor-team [no description available]
Micro-team [no description available]
Ml-security Reliability and security in autonomous systems
mse-bruker-d8-list Bruker D8 Focus
Mse-search [no description available]
MSE-XRD-Admin Contact for MSE XRD Admin
Msefaculty-list MSE Faculty Mailing List
Msegradstudent-list MSE Grad Student Mailing List
Msepostdoc-list MSE Post-Docs and Visiting Scholars List
Msestaff-list MSE Staff Mailing List
Mseundergrads-list MSE Undergrad Mailing List
Neurofaculty-list Neuroscience Faculty Mail
Overhead-sat [no description available]
Pem_all [no description available]
Pqsei-all Purdue Quantum Science and Engineering Institute All
Preabefreshmen Pre-ABE Freshmen Mailing List
Preabejuniors Pre-ABE Junior Mailing List
Preabeseniors Pre-ABE Senior Mailing List
Preabesophomores Pre-ABE Sophomore Mailing List
Preabestudents Pre-ABE Students Mailing List (Umbrella)
Project-rishi [no description available]
PSEF_alumni PSEF Alumni
PSEF_exec PSEF Executive List
PSEF_expo PSEF Expo Team List
PSEF_list All-PSEF
PSEF_talk PSEF General Member List
pucycling-alumni-list PCC Alumni coms
Pucycling-list This is the Purdue Cycling Club Mailing List
Puma-blacksmithing PUMA Blacksmithing group
Purdue-robotics-water-quality Byung-Cheol Min
PurdueAIAA-list Purdue AIAA members
PurdueIndia Purdue-India Partnership
Pvd_1-list PVD Ebeam Coral list
Quantumorg-list QSO official mailing list
S-4800-list Coral discussion list for S-4800
S2a2-slc-student-list S2A2 project student list
semafor-other [no description available]
semafor-team [no description available]
Stored_products_mg Stored Products Mail Group
Syslog ECN Systems Log
tada [no description available]
Themistem-list Themis TEM Birck
Tomato [no description available]
vip-help [no description available]
Wang3058-list Users of WANG 3058 Lab
Wepanawds [no description available]

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