Birck Network Printers

Three multifunction network printers are available in Birck Nanotechnology Center (BRK) for use by building occupants. On the first floor, a color printer and a monochrome printer are available; on the second floor, a color printer is available.

For Windows System:

1) Click on the Start button and select the "Search programs and files" edit box.

2) Do one of the following steps:

  • For the BRK 1st floor color printer (in room 1022), type exactly the following and then press Enter:

  • For the BRK 1st floor monochrome printer (in room 1222), type exactly the following and then press Enter:

  • For the BRK 2nd floor color printer (in the atrium near the conference room), type exactly the following and then press Enter:



If you have recently had trouble using the printer, please see the instructions below:

1) Go to Start meun > Devices and Printers > Double click on the printer (ex: brk1stmono)

2) New windows will open. Check to see if there are any print jobs listed

  • If so, right click on the jobs and hit "Cancel"
  • If not, hit the "x" sign on the top right corner to close the window

3) Right click on the printer (ex: brk1stmono). Select  "Remove device" on the list

4) Use the instructions in the above section labeled  "for windows system" to reconnect the printer


If the issue persists, please contact us via our trouble report system.

For Mac machine:

Please see the BRK network printers (Macintosh) page.

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