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Adding a network printer in Windows 10

This KB is for a Windows machine.  Instructions for Macs can be found here:

If you don't know what papercut print server the printer is on you will first need to determine that. The list of ECN papercut printer servers is here:

Adding network printers on domain machines

1. Go to the start menu and search for ECN folder to select add printers

printer 5.png


This will give you a new window to add the printer manually.
2. Select the radio button for “Select a shared printer by name” and enter the ECN printer server name to  list of printers in that specific print server.
For example, adding a printer from the print server 06, use the full path \\\, and it should list all the printers available.


printer 4_2.png

Select the printer you want to install, click Next, and the printer will start installing.





Adding printer for off domain machines (Non ECN managed computers)

Note: If you are off campus, you'll need to connect first to Purdue's Virtual Private Network (

Go to the start menu and search for printers and scanners.


printer 1.png


Select Add printers & scanners.


printer 2.png



This will try to search and list all the printers from the network. Scroll down and look for a link “The printer that I want isn’t listed.” to manually add ECN printers


printer 03.png



This will give you a new window to add the printer manually. Select the radio button for “Select a shared printer by name” and use the Browse tab


printer 10.png


Add the full server name hosting your printer (for, e.g. \\\)


printer 12.png


It will prompt you for a username and password. Use your career account to sign in and make sure that you have boilerad\ before your account in the username field and make sure that you select the checkbox for "remember my credentials."


printer 6.png



Then you can select cancel and use the same server name to select your printer to install. Make sure that you have the full path of the server name to see the printers available (for e.g. \\


printer 8.png



Select the printer, click Next, and the printer selected will be installed.


If you are using an off-domain Windows 11 machine, you may need to add the ecnprint## credential to the Credential Manager manually. To do so, launch the Credential Manager from the Start Menu search bar and click "Windows Credentials". Select "Add new" and input (replace ## with the number of the print server you are connecting to). In the username field, input boilerad\username (replace username with your Purdue career account username). After creating the credential, try mapping the printer again with the above steps.

Please make sure that you reboot your machine after the print installation.


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