August 7, 2023

Important Advising Update from ISS for International Students

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Important Advising Update from ISS for International Graduate Students
2023-2024 Academic Year
As we enter a new academic year, ISS would like to share the following information with the advising community:
Official End of COVID Procedural Adaptations
Earlier this summer the Department of Homeland Security announced that COVID-related procedural adaptations for international students would come to an end at the end of the 2023 academic year.  All international students must meet minimum full-time enrollment requirements each semester as defined by federal regulation.  Minimum enrollment requirements for international students are:
  • Graduate students must enroll in and complete at least eight credit or research hours each fall and spring semester (unless it is the student’s final semester).
  • Graduate students who hold a graduate staff appointment must enroll in and complete at least six credit or research hours each fall and spring semester (unless it is the student’s final semester).
Distance Learning
No more than the equivalent of one class or a maximum of three credit hours of coursework delivered via distance/online/synch/async may be used toward an international student’s minimum enrollment requirements.
Final Semester
Students who are in their final semester MUST be enrolled in all remaining coursework required to complete the degree, they must enroll in at least one class that requires their physical presence on campus for most of their final semester – even when summer is the student’s final semester, and the distance learning limitation is still in play.  If students have questions about final semester enrollment requirements, please refer them to the ISS office, ISS Contact Student Services.  If a student is not properly enrolled during their final semester, they will lose valuable post-completion benefits which can severely impact their future goals.
Experiential Education and Employment Reminder
All off-campus internships, co-ops, externships, practicums, volunteer opportunities, fellowships, and remote work for non-Purdue employers must be evaluated by ISS to determine if authorization for Curricular Practical Training is required to participate.
On-Campus Employment Restrictions
On-campus employment is strictly limited to a maximum of 20:00 hours per week for international students, while school is in session.  Students may only exceed 20 hours per week during Spring Break, Winter Break, and the summer (unless the student is required to be enrolled in the summer session).
Thank you for your collaboration and partnership as we work together to keep our Boilermakers from abroad informed of their options.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office during our phone advising hours (765-494-5770).
Christine K. Collins
Director, International Student Services
Office of International Students and Scholars
155 South Grant St.
Young Hall Room 525
West Lafayette, IN 47907