August 23, 2023

Graduate Research Assistantship: Advanced SiC MOSFETs

Position Type: Graduate Student
Priority: No
Grad¬¬¬uate Research Assistantship: Advanced SiC MOSFETs
Several graduate research assistantships are available in the area of advanced silicon carbide (SiC) power device and SiC MOS interface research. SiC is a wide bandgap semiconductor with a high critical field, making it an exciting material for power electronic devices. SiC MOSFETs are now commercially available, but do not yet achieve their full potential. We are approaching this problem from several directions, including a radical new device geometry inspired by modern FinFETs, as well as a submicron, fully self-aligned trench UMOSFET, and alternative deposited gate oxide processes. 
Research activities will include semiconductor device process development (including sub-micron electron beam lithography, deep reactive ion etching and MOS gate oxide formation), complete device fabrication, electrical characterization and modeling, and 2D and 3D device simulations.
For more information or to apply, send resume and contact information to:
Dallas Morisette
Research Assistant Professor