Pharmaceutical Engineering Concentration of the Professional MS Program now in Indianapolis

Purdue University in Indianapolis is part of Purdue University West Lafayette, with multiple locations throughout the city of Indianapolis. Starting the Fall semester of 2025, the Pharmaceutical concentration of the Professional Masters Program of Chemical Engineering will be offered. The program takes a comprehensive approach to tackle the emerging challenges in pharmaceutical production, focusing particularly on the purification, formulation, and administration of active pharmaceutical products, as well as the advancement of innovative healthcare engineering strategies.

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Degree Requirements
30 credits required for graduation:

6 Credits of Core ChE Course:
(3) CHE 69700 – Statistical Methods in Chemical Engineering OR CHE 53000 – Engineering Math
(3) CHE 54000 – Transport Phenomena
9 Credits of Concentration Elective Courses
9 Credits of Management/Business Courses from the following:
(3) CHE 59700 – Engineering Applications in Marketing Mgmt
(3) CHE 59700 – Financial Analysis & Management of Projects
(3) MGMT 65000 – Strategic Management I
(3) MGMT 66000 – Intro to Operations Management
6 Credits of ChE Capstone Project

About the Program: The PMP is a 1-1.5 calendar year, residential (on-campus) program consisting of rigorous coursework in both chemical engineering (within an area of concentration) and business/management along with a summer capstone research project. Learn more about it here!

How to Apply: Complete applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. The deadline for completing an application for a Fall semester will be May 1, 2025.

FAQs : If you have any FAQs about the program, refer to this link for more information. Also, any questions about the campus, you can read more about it here.