Meet John!

Lynch, John
John Lynch, M.S., Chemical Engineering, August 2017
John Lynch is currently a Product Development Engineer who works for Cabot Microelectronics in Aurora, Illinois. John’s current position allows him to focus on two key areas, products and the process. For his product role, John is “the NPI owner for Tungsten Buff/Bulk slurries.” He states that this is where “products are transitioning from R&D to Commercialization.” For the process portion of his job, John works to purify products for end-users. These projects involve “Filter optimization, ion exchange, deionized water generation, and wastewater management.” 
John earned his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from Purdue University and then decided to pursue a graduate degree. John states, “I looked for schools that had concentrations geared towards pharmaceutical engineering.” He then returned to his alma mater after seeing his concentration of choice was offered by the Chemical Engineering Professional Master’s Program.
During the summer John was able to take part in a summer industrial capstone project offered by Sustainable Polymer Products. John explains, “It was that summer where I really developed skills and a passion for product and process development.” He is able to use this passion in his current role with Cabot Microelectronics. He finds that one of the most rewarding experiences is working with global clientele and solving various problems that they have. Another rewarding experience for John is seeing the end-products they produce for their customers being implemented into various technologies, some of which include computers, phones, and cars.
As a recent graduate from the Professional Master’s Program John would like to offer advice to future students and applicants. John advises, “First, when you start a project define the goal.  Second, keep innovating; just because it works, doesn’t mean it cannot become harder, better, faster.”