Meet Arjun!

Arjun Padmanabhan
Arjun Padmanabhan, M.S., Chemical Engineering, August 2017

Arjun Padmanabhan is currently a Junior Research Analyst for McKinsey & Company in Waltham, Massachusetts. In this role, Arjun analyzes and synthesizes data for client-serving teams in the chemical industry- including petrochemicals, specialty chemicals, and cement markets.

After earning his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology (India), Arjun knew he wanted to continue to expand his knowledge in the field. “Purdue University has an excellent reputation for its Engineering programs. The Chemical Engineering Professional Master’s Program is an attractive choice because of the variety of coursework offered (combination of Chem-E & management subjects). Additionally, the summer capstone research project leverages industry-focused problem solving.”

“The program’s Industrial Chemical Technology course helped me gain understanding about chemical value chains and marketing sizing within the U.S. chemical industry”, he comments. Arjun says that the Chem-E focused Financial Analysis Management of Projects course provided insight into financial concepts that are important in management consulting.

“Additionally, my experience in Separation Process Engineering taught by Professor Phillip Wankat gave me confidence to share conceptual knowledge that I built over my undergraduate and graduate degree.”

Arjun is excited to broaden his exposure to the petrochemicals service line at McKinsey and would like to gain more experience working on proprietary models and conducting market analyses across petchem value chains.

“Working with highly talented colleagues at McKinsey and translating our research into client impact is the most rewarding part of my job,” he notes.

As a graduate of the Purdue Chemical Engineering Professional Master’s Program, Arjun offers advice to other students interested in preparing for a similar career. “Consistent preparation and effective time management is key,” he explains. “Finding a balance between assignments, exams, TA duties, interview preparation and your personal life is important.”. “Start today- grab a coffee, find good prep. resources and read away!”