Meet Anusha!

Anusha Addanki. M.S., Chemical Engineering, August 2017

Anusha Addanki is currently a Process Engineer for BiOWiSH Technologies, Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio. In this role, Anusha works with the Research & Development team to develop and implement robust unit operations for making animal feed and agricultural products.

She also develops effective product formulations. “I manage a GMP/HACCP/FDA compliant manufacturing facility and work closely with the Product Supply team to accomplishing product requests,” Anusha explains. “I also work with the Commercial team to provide technical support to the customers towards applying our products.”

After earning a Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering in May 2016 from Osmania University in India, Anusha chose to continue her education at Purdue University. “Purdue was one of the few universities that offered Pharmaceutical Engineering as a specialization in a master’s program,” says Anusha. “Moreover, I was impressed by the program design, which incorporates a holistic approach by combining core chemical engineering courses with management courses and specialized concentration courses.” The program’s one-year timeline was also a significant factor in her decision.

Anusha’s position at BiOWiSH Technologies, Inc. is diverse and challenging, allowing her to use her Purdue degree as she develops and monitors unit operations and product formulations. “I utilize most of the concepts covered in the pharmaceutical engineering specialization of the Chemical Engineering PMP,” she explains. “All of the courses taken in the PMP have proven relevant and helpful in my career.”

Anusha also says the Capstone Project provided real-life experience applicable to her career. “During my Capstone Project, I learned more about teamwork, how industrial problems are handled, and how information is discussed, reported, and shared,” she continues. “As a new college graduate, it was one of the most important experiences for me in finding my career.”

As a graduate of the Purdue Chemical Engineering Professional Master’s Program, Anusha offers advice to other students interested in preparing for a similar career. “Make sure to utilize all of the available resources at Purdue, especially student organizations, mentors, and the Center for Career Opportunities,” she explains. “I also really value the leadership experience I gained from being a part of the PGSO in organizing social and professional events.”