Phase II: Plan of Study


Specific Goals:

  • Ensures all doctoral students develop a knowledge base within fundamental topics central to BME as identified by the four major competency areas (BME, other engineering, quantitative sciences, life sciences).
  • Encourages students to actively participate in research within their first year to make significant progress in identifying and focusing their research objectives.
  • Assists students with their plan of study to develop significant technical depth through coursework related to their chosen research area.

Description of process

The students will select a research lab and participate in research throughout their first year. During this initial year, they are expected to learn the fundamental research skill set to contribute to an ongoing or existing project while identifying their own chosen research objectives.

Before November 15 during the second year as a PhD student, the students are required to assemble (with the assistance of their advisor) their thesis committee. A meeting of the thesis committee must convene prior to November 15 for a student presentation (less than 20 minutes) addressing their research progress, preliminary research focus, and their proposed plan of study. The thesis committee will evaluate the work presented and assist with the selection of the courses that will support the chosen research direction and fulfill the four competency areas.

Timeline and procedures associated with POS Phase

The BME Graduate Office will assist all students prior to registration for their first semester in the PhD program to ensure they have located a research laboratory in which to work. In cases where the student is undecided, the student will meet with the BME Graduate Office and the Assistant Head to schedule a series of short rotations through different research labs.

The student must submit the POS Phase documentation to the BME Graduate Office prior to November 15 during the second year as a PhD student. To successfully complete this phase by November 15, the student must complete ALL of the following:

  • Identify and work in a research lab,
  • assemble their thesis committee (with advisor input),
  • convene a meeting of their thesis committee (3/4 of committee must participate simultaneously). See below* for room scheduling instructions
  • present their research progress, preliminary research focus, and their proposed plan of study in 20 minutes or less,
  • complete the POS phase documentation BME Core Competencies Form) with signatures of all thesis committee members, and
  • submit an approved POS online through myPurdue according to instructions on the BME graduate program website Plan of Study
*To schedule a room in MJIS or most other engineering buildings, you use RAT (Resource Allocation Tool) for on-line scheduling of conference rooms. You are fully responsible for knowing and adhering to room use policies (which for rooms under the RAT system are available online when you reserve the room).

NOTE: only approved courses may be used to fulfill the core competency areas. Please visit course information for a document of current courses approved by the BME Graduate Committee and for instructions on submitting course documentation to the BME Graduate Committee for courses that have not been approved.

Evaluation of POS Phase:

Prior to the November 15 deadline, the student must complete and submit a BME Core Competencies Form as indicated above. The BME Core Competencies Form ensures that an individual's POS addresses the required core competencies.

If a student fails to meet the published POS deadlines, he/she will be unable to register for the impending semester. As a result, the responsibility of paying late registration fees and of losing the opportunity to register for courses that may become full will rest entirely with the student.

Failure to meet grade requirements (minimum GPA of 3.0) each semester will lead to probation for the following semester. If the minimum GPA is violated for a consecutive semester, the Graduate Committee reserves the right to terminate the student from the PhD program at the end of the current semester.