Morgan McLuckey


Class of: 2015


Why I chose Purdue?

I chose Purdue because of its prestigious engineering program, state-of-the-art biomedical research facilities, and Big Ten atmosphere.

Why I chose Engineering and BME?

Engineers receive a broad education and are challenged to become real-world problem solvers, which was very attractive to me because of my wide range of interests and logical processing. Since health is such a completely integral and personal part of every person’s life, biomedical engineering struck me as an effective avenue for developing a meaningful and impactful career.

Extra-curricular activities:

Timmy Global Health, Director of Fundraising

Purdue Christian Campus House

Math Tutor

Engineering-related experience I have had while in BME:

Since fall of 2012, I have worked as an undergraduate research in Dr. Zheng Ouyang’s laboratory. Our focus is developing miniature mass spectrometry systems capable of performing direct quantitative analysis of biomarkers in clinical settings.

Post-graduation plans

Attend medical school and work at home and abroad to promote public health and healthcare equity.