Elijah Huang

Class of: 2015






Why I chose Purdue?
Honestly, I only applied to two colleges, both in-state for me, and Purdue seemed like a great fit for me after multiple visits. I chose Purdue because it provided me with more options in case engineering did not work out for me.

Why I chose Engineering and BME?
I chose engineering mainly because I thought it opened opportunities to build and create new products and I enjoyed physics in high school. I did not have a real idea about what engineers actually did until I got into college, but it ended up aligning with my interests. As for why I chose biomedical engineering, I did not – BME chose me. Coming into college I thought I wanted to be a mechanical or electrical engineer because I thought ME’s worked on cars or EE’s built their own cellphones, and that’s awesome! But clearly I did not have a clear grasp on these disciplines. Freshman year, each discipline gave a presentation and biomedical engineering caught my interest. I talked it over with my parents and they said I should apply, having pushed for medical school when I was applying for college. And since BME is kind of a mix of both worlds, it seemed perfect. I was dubious, but I decided to go ahead and apply. I got in, so I gave it a try. I am so glad I chose to go into BME because it definitely fits me better than the other disciplines by integrating the best engineering with medicine. BME is a conglomerate of many science fields and is definitely a challenge, but very rewarding. I recommend BME to anyone who seeks to serve others with sciences by finding solutions to medical challenges.

Extra-curricular activities:
Student Sierra Coalition (No longer existing), Engineering World Health, Salt and Light Christian Fellowship

Engineering-related experience/CO-OP/Intern/Research
I work as a CO-OP at MED Institute in West Lafayette, IN working to make prototypes for future medical devices. I also worked as a hospital volunteer in the emergency department.

Post-graduation plans
I plan on going to medical school after graduation to better apply my new gained knowledge.