Dr. Edward L. Bartlett

Areas of Research: Neuroscience, Neuroengineering, Neurophysiology

  • Project: Neural representations of sound features in young vs. aged animals.

Recording the activities of populations of neurons noninvasively or individual neurons in the auditory cortex, auditory thalamus and the inferior colliculus while an animal listens to sound stimuli.

  • Project: Cellular mechanisms responsible for generating neural responses observed in vivo.

To do this, whole-cell patch clamp recordings are performed on neurons in brain slices while electrically stimulating the inputs to the neuron in order to generate synaptic potentials or currents.

  • Project: Remediation of age-related deficits by behavioral or drug-therapies.

Recruitment Needs:

Not currently looking for students unless they are funded.

Website: bmew.ecn.purdue.edu/caplab/