Student Profile: Jonathan Bernhard

We continue our series focusing on students of the Weldon School. Jonathan Bernhard is a recent graduate from the Weldon undergraduate program.

Where are you from?
Born and raised a Boilermaker, I was weaned on Gene Keady basketball, Rube Goldberg projects, and rigorous academic pursuit right here in West Lafayette, Indiana.

What are your hobbies/interests?
Competition: [I enjoy] anything that will test my abilities and challenge me to improve.
Soccer: I absolutely enjoy playing, coaching, and watching soccer.  There is no better way to spend an autumn Saturday then with a game of soccer.
Reading: Reading historical documents concerning world conflicts has always fascinated me, but I also like to get lost in good fictional stories. 

What do you hope to do once you graduate?
I am currently enrolled in the 5th year Master of Science program within the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering.  I am investigating novel approaches for repair and rehabilitation of damaged cartilage.  Upon completion of my Master's degree, I hope to retain employment in a research and development branch of a major medical device company.  I would like to eventually return to school and receive a doctorate in biomedical engineering, but I would first like to gain experience in the business world. 

Tell me how you spent last summer, specifically about your AxoGen Nerve Regeneration Internship.
I spent the past summer in Gainesville, Florida amongst all the Gators.  I worked as a marketing intern for the biomedical startup company AxoGen.  AxoGen has developed innovative technology that is able to repair peripheral nerves after injury.  As the marketing intern, I was able to see how companies inform and market the specific aspects the engineers’ design.  It will be very beneficial in my future endeavors because I now have a complete understanding of the process from design to sell. 
In addition, I really enjoyed working for a recently started company.  I was able to have personal conversations with all of the management team, and was allowed to ask lots of questions concerning the process of starting a company and specific challenges managers encounter.  The thought of being an entrepreneur has always interested me, and this opportunity allowed me to learn from successful entrepreneurs. 

Tell me about your current involvement on Purdue’s campus.
My involvement at Purdue University has allowed me to meet a variety of different people, and the chance to make an impact in others’ lives.  I am currently involved with a Campus Crusade for Christ Bible study; I am a trip leader for the medical brigade trip to Quito, Ecuador with the Timmy Foundation; and I am an ambassador for the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering.