NSF Supports Quantitative Physiology Scholarship Program

Purdue undergraduate students can now apply for new NSF-funded scholarships in a new and innovative program in Quantitative Physiology. These need-based scholarships will assist qualified students to explore the dynamic interface between biology, medicine, mathematical analysis and computational analysis and modeling. Building on the Weldon School's Computational and Systems Biology area of expertise, Quantitative Physiology is a multi-departmental program that includes faculty members from Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Basic Medical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, and the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering. Students will have opportunities to experience classroom, hands-on, and community outreach learning opportunities in quantitative and experimental aspects of physiology in areas such as cardiac modeling and electrophysiology, experimental models of spinal cord injury, neural coding strategies in the auditory system, neuronal models of learning-induced plasticity, and detection and control of epileptic seizure activity. Graduate students and senior undergraduate students in the program will serve as mentors for those that follow, as well as ambassadors to their former high schools and universities.

More information, including application procedures for the program and scholarships, can be found here.