2023 Distinguished Engineering Alumni

photo of Julie Kramer White

Julie A. Kramer White

Director of Engineering, Johnson Space Center, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

“I would introduce myself at NASA and explain that I was from Purdue, and made sure to clarify that it was in Indiana. One of the senior engineers pulled me aside and said, ’We know where Purdue is … in fact, I couldn’t get into Purdue … so stop saying that.’ Since that moment, I have observed, and grown in admiration of, the role that Purdue graduates have played in NASA’s storied history.”

Photo of James Renna

James P. Renna

Chief Engineering, Global Commercial Aircraft, Sikorsky Aircraft

“Purdue engineers seem to grasp the need for multiple compromises to make the overall system better, even if that means sub-optimization at the component level. This may seem like a small attribute, but I have found it to be unique and most welcome among young Purdue alumni.”

Photo of Bill Uhrig

J. William Uhrig

President and Managing Partner, Three Cities Research, Inc.

“I worked at the AAE lab. (Palmer) would talk to me and quickly decided I should work for him on projects rather than cleaning, so he hired me! It was my first job where I used my mind, not my muscle. I both learned and made money. It was fantastic and, while he passed away some time ago, I still think of him and am still grateful for his teaching and the opportunities he gave me.”