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R. Edwin García

R. Edwin García

Professor of Materials Engineering

Contact Information

Phone: 765-494-0148
School of Materials Engineering
Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering
701 West Stadium Avenue
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2045


  • B.S., 1996, National University of Mexico, Physics
  • M.S., 2000, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Materials Science and Engineering
  • PhD., 2003, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Materials Science and Engineering with a minor in Applied Mathematics.

Research Interests

Materials are selected to meet the requirements of specific technological applications. Their response depends on the underlying thermodynamic and kinetic properties as well as the inherent microstructural features. In particular, microstructure depends on the applied processing techniques and starting materials, and in many cases macroscopic properties are linked to microstructure. Thus, understanding the effect of microstructure on the time evolution, response, and reliability of material properties is important. I am interested in the application of theoretical and computational materials science to understand the relations between material properties and microstructure. My research places special emphasis on establishing analytical descriptions of complex processes and on the development of numerical algorithms and codes when microstructural simulation is required. I am also interested in developing the means to optimize materials through fundamental understanding and graphical representation of the relations between processing, structure, and properties.

Edwin Garcia Research Interests


  • MSE 230 Structure and Properties of Materials
  • MSE 350 Thermodynamics of Materials
  • MSE 597G Modeling and Simulation of Materials
  • MSE 597I Introduction to Computational Materials
  • MSE 597N Physical Properties of Crystals

Graduate Students

Research Title: Domain switching and the hysteretic behavior of polycrystalline ferroelectric materials

Former Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Peter McCallum.
MSE 499. "OOF Modeling of Material Microstructures." Spring 2010.
Rajiv Bharat Pithadia.
MSE 499. "Finite Element Modeling of 3D Battery Architectures."' Spring 2010.
Michael Johnston.
MSE 499. ``Intercalation Dynamics and Phase Separation in LiFePO4 Particles for Battery Applications." Fall 2009, Spring 2010.
Ding-Weng (Tony) Chung.
MSE 499. "Nanometer-Scale Electrochemical Intercalation and Diffusion Mapping of Li-Ion Battery Materials." Fall 2009, Spring 2010.
Ambrosius Limiadi.
MSE 499. "Modeling of Transport Properties of LiFePO4-Based Electrode Materials." Fall 2009, Spring 2010.
Thomas Cool.
"Gibbs: Symbolic Computation of Thermodynamic Properties and Phase Equilibria." Fall 2009.
Kunal Modi.
SURF. "Gibbs: Symbolic Computation of Thermodynamic Properties and Phase Equilibria." Summer 2009.
Alexander Bartol.
"Python-Based Rapid GUI prototyping for Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Materials Research Applications and Educational Demos." Spring 2009, Summer 2009, Fall 2009, Spring 2010.
Christopher Fancher.
MSE 499. ``Tailoring of Ferroelectric Domains.'' Fall 2008, Spring 2009.
Thomas Cool.
MSE 499. ``Tailoring of Ferroelectric Domains.'' Fall 2008, Spring 2009.
Prakit Mohal.
SURF. ``Modeling Of Thermal Stresses Effects in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells.'' Summer 2007.
Michael Waters.
MSE 499. ``Phase Field Modeling of Dendrites in Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Electrodes.'' Fall 2007, Spring 2008. Summer 2008 (SURF).
Katherine Frank.
MSE 499. ``Triple Phase Boundary Modeling of LSM-Based Solid Oxide Fuel Cells.'' Fall 2007, Spring 2008.
Jackie Bernhard.
MSE 499. ``Texture and Crystallographic Anisotropy Effects in Lithium Iron Phosphate-Based Cathode Electrodes.'' Fall 2007, Spring 2008.
Madeleine Smith.
MSE 499. ``Modeling Real Microstructures in Lithium Cobalt Oxide Based Rechargeable Batteries.'' Fall 2007, Spring 2008.
Heather Murdoch.
MSE 499. ``Texture Engineering of Ferroelectric Materials.'' Spring 2007.
Matthew Kasenga.
MSE 499. ``Phase Diagram Modeling of Nanomaterials.'' Fall 2006, Fall 2007.