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Current Students

We’re glad to have you as a student in the Purdue IE family! We’re here to help you succeed – both inside and outside of the classroom. Here are some resources you’ll need: academic resources, involvement opportunities, information about student organizations, and Purdue information.

For graduate students, you'll find some resources below to help you plan your graduate career. Purdue IE offers an online master's degree, graduate MS/MS thesis degrees, and PhD level programs for students. We also offer specializations in the fields of: Human Factors, Manufacturing, Operations Research, and Production Systems.

Featured Student

Introducing Pamela Yuan

By the end of her third semester at Purdue, Industrial Engineering sophomore Pamela Yuan traveled overseas twice, using her IE skills and knowledge in a rural Cameroonian village and also at a United Nations meeting in Italy.

In May 2015 she participated in the Purdue Utility Platform’s (PUP) annual trip to Bamboutos, Cameroon. While there, she and fellow team members trained Cameroonian interns and implemented improved PUP designs they had developed at Purdue. Five months later she attended the United Nations Planet Forward Storyfest 2015 in Rome, Italy, with the winning PUP project team. Yuan and three other Purdue students presented the PUP project to world agricultural policy makers at the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization’s (UNFAO) Committee on World Food Security, held October 11-15, 2015.

Yuan believes that IEs have a lot to offer projects like the PUP. “Although it’s relatively new compared to the classical mechanical and electrical engineering, people are starting to notice the benefits of having [industrial] engineers who are also proficient in communicating and business,” she explains.

"I think IE students can consider...participating in more humanitarian opportunities," says Yuan. "Now even though humanitarian opportunities might not be trying to make a profit, the end goal is to make a humanitarian opportunity more efficient and to help more people, and I think that's a better cause than making a profit."