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September 28, 2017

Professor Andres Arrieta awarded Best Paper at Conference

Professor Andres Arrieta of Purdue along with Falk Runkel, Giulio Molinari, and Paolo Ermanni of ETH Zurich were awarded the 2017 Best Paper Award in Dynamics and Control of Adaptive Structures for their paper titled "Novel Chiral Structure with Tailored Mechanical Response Exploiting Elastic Instabilities". The award is organized by the ASME Technical Committee on Adaptive Systems Dynamics and Control which chooses from all the papers presented during the Conference on Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures and Intelligent Systems SMASIS2016 on the topic of Dynamics and Control of Adaptive Structures for the year 2016.
September 28, 2017

Ford collaborates with Purdue on automotive research

Ford Motor Company has teamed up with Purdue University on a research alliance to set the course for the future of the automotive industry. One of the areas Purdue specializes in: testing the noise and vibration of car seats at Herrick Labs.
September 20, 2017

Professor Eckhard Groll and student Nick Salts wins paper award

At the recent 10th International Conference on Compressors and their Systems, their paper "System Solution to Improve Energy Efficiency of HVAC Systems" was voted as one of the three best papers based on a review process by an external scientific panel. The paper was also co-authored by Ludovic Chretien and Roger Becerra both from Regal Beloit Corp., the research sponsor.
September 13, 2017

Haitian Hao receives 2017 Magoon Award

Haitian Hao, a MSME student working with Dr. Fabio Semperlotti, has been selected as a recipient of the 2017 Estus H. and Vashti L. Magoon Award for Excellence in Teaching.

The honor recognizes outstanding teaching assistants and instructors and the selection is made by both faculty and students to recognize those students who were exemplary in their work as teaching assistants or instructors.

July 13, 2017

Purdue researchers looking to improve net-zero housing

Low-income families spend 3 times more of their income on energy than the average family. What's being done to reduce these costs? A Purdue team, including Jim Braun (director of the Center for High Performance Buildings) is working on a solution that reduces these energy costs, while also reducing the environmental footprint of multifamily buildings (which make up a quarter of all housing in the US).
July 5, 2017

Herrick Conferences: Coming July 2018

The premier conferences in Compressor Engineering, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, and High-Performance Buildings are coming to Purdue University on July 9-12, 2018. Hear from world-class experts in the field, tour the largest academic HVAC lab in the world, and make connections to people in your field. It's all coming to West Lafayette, Indiana in July 2018, so mark your calendars!
May 30, 2017

Eckhard Groll awarded Peter Ritter von Rittinger International Heat Pump Award

Eckhard Groll was awarded the Peter Ritter von Rittinger International Heat Pump Award 2017. This award recognizes deserving individuals or teams that have distinguished themselves in the advancement of heat pumping technology applications, market development, as well as dissemination activities with lasting international impact. This award is named for Peter Ritter von Rittinger, an Austrian engineer credited with the design and installation of the first practical heat pump system at a salt works in Upper Austria in 1856. The award was given at a ceremony during the banquet of the 12th International Heat Pump Conference in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on May 17th.
April 21, 2017

Aswin Ramesh receives Ward A. Lambert Graduate Teaching Fellowship for 2017

Aswin Ramesh, Ph.D. student working with Prof. Greg Shaver, received the Ward A. Lambert Graduate Teaching Fellowship for 2017, which is for ME Doctoral students who have a strong potential and desire for an academic career. The Fellowship gives him the opportunity to teach a class, so he will be teaching a controls class in Fall 2017 under the guidance of Prof. Peter Meckl.
April 20, 2017

Jelena Paripovic receives CoE Graduate Student Award

Jelena Paripovic, a Ph.D. student, was awarded the Outstanding Service Scholarship Award through the College of Engineering. This award is presented to engineering graduate students who have provided outstanding service to the graduate student community, the School, the College, and/or the University. She received the award at the CoE Graduate Student Award Luncheon held on April 19, 2017.
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