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April 13, 2018

Deaf Kids Code joins forces with Herrick Labs

Deaf Kids Code is an organization that brings STEM-focused workshops to kids who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, at no cost. Purdue ME professor David Cappelleri collaborated with Deaf Kids Code founder Shireen Hafeez on a do-it-yourself robot kit specifically for deaf and hard-of-hearing students, which uses light to control the robot. His team developed the robot kit at Herrick Labs.
April 12, 2018

Multidisciplinary engineering team receives EPA grand

Jun Chen, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Wenzhuo Wu, Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering are Co-PIs for the engineering team that received a national design grant award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The grant is titled "Development of an Economic Grain Storage System for Rain Season Harvest n Rural Africa".
April 2, 2018

Origami folds of insect wing can help improve machine functions

The earwig insect has more folds in its wings than any other organism in the animal kingdom but uses minimal energy to move. Through simulations and creating a 4-D replica of these folds, researchers from ETH Z├╝rich in Switzerland and Purdue University have likened the wing to self-folding origami that could inform how to make machines be more adaptable and responsive with less energy used.

"The theory of origami assumes that you have 2-D, unstretchable materials," said Andres Arrieta, Purdue assistant professor of mechanical engineering, whose Programmable Structures Lab< contributed to the study. "But imagine that you have a piece of paper and you try to stretch it, and you store some energy there. That stretching creates bistabilities."
December 5, 2017

Inkjet-Printed Thermite Combines Energetic Materials and Additive Manufacturing

Researchers have developed a method to deposit tiny amounts of energetic materials (explosives, propellants, and pyrotechnics) using the same technology as an inkjet printer. This research, which combines Purdue expertise in both energetic materials and additive manufacturing, allows energetic materials to be deposited with unprecedented levels of precision and safety.
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