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Andres Arrieta
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Adaptive structures Mechanical metamaterials Robotic materials Programmable structures Multistable structures Structural nonlinearity Elastic instabilities Structural dynamics Nonlinear vibrations


Anil K. Bajaj
Alpha P. Jamison Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Modeling of nonlinear systems Structural dynamics and localization Flow-induced vibrations Impacting systems Bifurcations and chaos

Riley Barta
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Modeling and Analysis of Thermal Systems Heat Pumping, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technologies High Performance Buildings Refrigerant and Lubricant Properties

Ilias Bilionis
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Uncertainty propagation Inverse problems Propagation of information across scales Optimal learning Materials by design

Ernest Blatchley
Reith Professor In Env Engr/Civil Engr
J. Stuart Bolton
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Acoustics Active and passive noise control Sound field visualization Structural acoustics and wave propagation in structures Noise control material modeling Applied signal processing

Brandon E Boor
Assistant Professor Of Civil Engineering

Indoor air quality (IAQ), HVAC filtration, human exposure assessment, airborne nanoparticles, bioaerosols (fungi, bacteria, pollen, allergens), air quality in occupational workplaces, particle adhesion & resuspension, early-life/infant exposures, combustion aerosols & wood smoke, new particle formation, urban air pollution, low-cost air quality monitoring, health effects of air pollution, and fate & transport of VOCs/SVOCs.

James E. Braun
Herrick Professor of Engineering, and Director of the Center for High Performance Buildings

Modeling, analysis, and control of thermal systems


David Cappelleri
Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Assistant Vice President for Research Innovation

Multi-scale robotic manipulation and assembly Mobile micro/nano robotics Micro/nano aerial vehicles Micro-Bio robotics Mechatronics MEMS/NEMS Automation for the life sciences

HLAB 1014., ME 2189
Jun Chen
Assistant Head for Facilities and Operations, and Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Experimental fluid dynamics Development of flow diagnostic techniques Flow dynamics in stratified environment Turbulent flow measurements and modeling

George T. C. Chiu
Assistant Dean for Global Engineering Programs, Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dynamic systems and control Mechatronics Digital and functional printing and fabrication Motion and vibration control and perception Embedded systems and real-time control

HLAB 1015, DUDL 2572
Rebecca Ciez
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and Environmental and Ecological Engineering

Identify interactions and design spaces at the intersection of energy technologies, economics, and decision-making process to minimize the cost of transitioning to new, decarbonized energy systems


Patricia Davies
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Sound quality Signal Processing Data analysis System modeling and identification Condition monitoring of machinery Perception-based engineering Seat-occupant modeling

Shirley J Dyke
Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering

Structural Dynamics and Control Cyber-physical Systems Machine Vision Real-time Hybrid Simulation Damage Detection and Structural Condition Monitoring Cyberinfrastructure Development


John Evans
Assistant Professor Of Agricultural And Biological Engineering; Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering (by Courtesy)


James Gibert
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Vibrations and nonlinear dynamics Smart material systems Non-pneumatic tires Optimization of mechanical systems Additive manufacturing

Marcial Gonzalez
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Predictive, multi-scale modeling and simulation of microstructure evolution in confined granular systems, with an emphasis in manufacturing processes and the relationship between product fabrication and performance. Application areas of interest include: (i) particulate products and processes (e.g., flow, mixing, segregation, consolidation, and compaction of powders), (ii) continuous manufacturing (e.g., Quality by Design, model predictive control, and reduced order models), and (iii) performance of pharmaceutical solid products (e.g., tensile strength, stiffness, swelling and disintegration), biomaterials (e.g., transport and feeding of corn stover) and energetic materials (e.g., deformation and heat generation under quasi-static, near-resonant and impact conditions, and formation and growth of hot spots) materials.

Eckhard A. Groll
William E. and Florence E. Perry Head of Mechanical Engineering, and Reilly Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Thermal sciences as applied to HVAC&R systems and equipment


Sogand Hasanzadeh
Assistant Professor Of Civil Engineeri
Eric Holloway
Professor of Engineering Practice

Engine testbed and facilities, and students’ professional development.

W. Travis Horton
Associate Professor of Civil Engineering; Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering (by Courtesy)

Advanced thermal energy conversion systems, energy utilization in buildings, and the interactions between a building and its environment. Specifically include the development of advanced, highly integrated, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems; the role of renewable distributed power generation and combined heat and power (CHP) systems in residential and commercial buildings; and the integration of these technologies into high performance buildings


Mohammad Reza Jahanshahi
Associate Professor of Civil Engineering

Autonomous sensing, data interpretation and intelligent condition assessment of structures. He has been working in the field of computer vision and machine learning to develop robust systems for health monitoring of civil infrastructures.

Neera Jain
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dynamic modeling and optimal control; model predictive control; decentralized control Thermodynamics-based optimization; entropy generation minimization; exergy analysis Integrated energy management and storage in distributed energy systems, building systems


Panagiota Karava
Professor of Civil Engineering

• Smart buildings, intelligent building operation, system identification, model predictive control • Human-building interactions, personalized control, self-tuned environments • Smart and connected energy-aware residential communities • Energy efficient and mixed-mode buildings, innovative energy and comfort delivery systems • Solar technology integration in building operation

Kevin Kircher
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Building electrification, flexibility, and efficiency Integrating flexible loads, energy storage, and distributed solar into power grids Optimization and control under uncertainty Energy policy

HLAB 1022
Charles M. Krousgrill
Tebbe Family 150th Anniversary Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dynamics Nonlinear vibration of continuous systems Stability analysis


Junfei Li
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Acoustic tweezers Acoustofluidics Acoustic metamaterials Ultrasound control Underwater communication Ultrasound imaging Multiphysics wave propagation theory Noise control and energy harvesting

Tian Li
Assistant Professor Of Mechanical Engineering

Naturally nanostructured materials Energy, water, and wearable technology Manufacturing

Haotian Liu
Visiting Assistant Professor
Yangfan Liu
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Acoustic Source Modeling and sound field reconstruction Active noise control Room acoustics simulation and auralization Noise control treatments Human perception of noise

ME 3061K, HLAB 1008


Monique McClain
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dissimilar material 3D printing Additive manufacturing of energetic materials Additive manufacturing of materials for high temperature applications Quality control in additive manufacturing

Peter H. Meckl
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Motion and vibration control Adaptive control Intelligent control using fuzzy logic and neural networks Engine and emissions diagnostics Robotics


Ming Qu
Associate Professor Of Civil Engineering

Solar cooling and heating systems, building heat transfer, building energy supply systems, building controls and operations, building and building system modeling & simulation, sustainable building design and analysis, and building system integration dedicated to sustainable and healthy built environments


Julio A Ramirez
Karl H. Kettelhut Professor in Civil Engineering and NHERI-NCO Center Director

Structural analysis and design of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures, with emphasis on seismic performance of concrete buildings and infrastructure, structural models and experimental methods, and design codes for structural concrete

CIVL 4125 / BOWN 1036


Fabio Semperlotti
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Structural Health Monitoring Wave propagation Structural dynamics and vibration control Adaptive structures Periodic structures and acoustic metamaterials Energy harvesting Thermoacoustics

Gregory M. Shaver
Director of Herrick Labs, Director of the Smart Crossroads Research Consortium, Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Model-based system and control design of commercial vehicle power trains Connected and automated commercial vehicles Internal combustion engine & after-treatment system design and controls Flexible valve actuation in diesel and natural gas engines


Athanasios (Thanos) Tzempelikos
Professor of Civil Engineering; Professor of Mechanical Engineering (by Courtesy)

Design and optimization of high performance buildings, daylighting, building envelopes and dynamic facade systems, indoor environmental quality, building simulation.

CIVL G225, HLAB 2018


David Warsinger
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Desalination & Water Treatment Water-Food-Energy Nexus Thermofluids Nanotechnology Membrane Science

BRK 2266, HLAB 2030


Bin Yao
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Adaptive and robust control Nonlinear control Precision control of mechanical systems Vehicle control Robotics


Davide Ziviani
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Associate Director of Center for High Performance Buildings (CHPB)

Advanced Heat Pumps and Refrigeration Systems Deep Space Habitats and Systems Thermal Management Systems