Specification Development Phase

Goal is to understand “what” is needed by understanding the context, stakeholders, requirements of the project, and why current solutions don’t meet need, and to develop measurable criteria in which design concepts can be evaluated.

Common tasks

  • Understand and describe context (current situation and environment)
  • Create stakeholder profiles
  • Create mock-ups and simple prototypes: quick, low-cost, multiple cycles incorporating feedback
  • Develop a task analysis and define how users will interact with project (user scenarios)
  • Compare to benchmark products (prior art)
  • Develop customer specifications and evaluation criteria; get project partner approval


2.1 Design the Prototype
2.2 Prototype to Communication
2.3 Testing Prototype
2.4 Specifications
2.5 Persona and Scenarios
2.6 Prior Art
2.7 Gate

Gate 2: Continue if project partner and advisor agree that have identified the “right” need, and if no existing commercial products meet design specifications.