Project Identification Phase

Goal is to identify a specific, compelling need to be addressed

Common tasks

  • Conduct needs assessment (if need not already defined)
  • Identify stakeholders (customer, users, person maintaining project, etc.)
  • Define basic stakeholder requirements (objectives or goals of projects and constraints)
  • Determine time constraints of the project


1.1 Intro to Service Learning
1.2 Code of Cooperation and Conduct
1.3 Teaming Skills
1.4 Community Engineering and our Course
1.5 Civic Engagement
1.6 Creating, Communicating and Testing a Backpack Prototype
1.7 Prior Art Ergonomic Backpack
1.8 Specifications for Backpack
1.9 First Redesign
1.10 Presentation of the Prototype
1.11 Engineering in the Community
1.12 Project Partners
1.13 Community Demographics                             
1.14 Cultural Diversity
1.15 Human-Centered Design Integration
1.16 Project Charter
1.17 Observations with Human Centered Design
1.18 PERT Chart and Project Management
1.19 Gantt Chart
1.20 Designing a Budget
1.21 Gate 1

Gate 1: Continue if have identified appropriate EPICS project that meets a compelling need